url:  01-dec5.html

name:  Those with your best interests at heart

clue:  Dear Mr. Hance:
      All concerned wish you a happy and prosperous new year.  While our interests lie mainly outside of time and 
space, "spirits in the material world" necessarily deal with the temporal order, including the need for one's daily 
crust; therefore, we all hope you will find 2002 to be especially remunerative.
       2002 should be, Deo volente, rather different for your friends and well-wishers than the estivation of 2001.  
(It has been reported by an occasionally reliable source that you correctly interpreted the Maitag 2001 
announcement to encompass, inter alia, the need to be largely out-of-sight.  KUDOS.
      If all goes reasonably well, 2002 will be more engaged.  A sub-plenary is scheduled to convene somewhere in 
the western United States within the first 30 days of 2002.  It is currently expected that Mr. Hance will be 
dispatched materials in situ.  Delivery should be accomplished in a totally quotidian manner and pass unnoticed by 
all but Mr.Hance.  Once received, you may do with them as you wish but please consider the items carefully.  Your clever 
associates might be of great help in seeing how the pieces are congruent with the emerging pattern.

    IN CLOSING, Mr. Hance, the situation is fluid to the point of turbulence.  Thus, it is not expected that the
participants will be informed of the location via the ADW.  In many ways the turbulence precludes any convocation 
of any sort but the greater the danger, the higher the stakes.  Those currently on the table are worth the risk 
even though losses be sustained. 

        Best Wishes and 
        continuing Esteem,