name:  you bud

clue:  Yo dude!  Ah wuz dinkin 'bout dem woids U writ jes above dis: "Tell us what you know"  Good honky speak and 
Ah doant kno nuthin but what Ah iz told.  Like dis mornin Ah jes hangin, leanin mah ole tired back gainst de 
Dempstah Dumpstah when I hear whisperin komin through de fence.  I kno it be O-FISHUL cuz de whisper say, "Git you 
lazy ass down ta A masheen wat Bro Bry kno.  Doant waste no woids like de fools do. Doan talk no use-less shit ta 
Mistah Hance, no current events flea-fartz, no beatin you gumz ta no purpose.  Jes tell R bro dat THE ORPHANAGE is 
plumb pleased wid Bry and his contributors.  Dem wat dink dis aint got no meanin wat-evah is Kool by us.  A woid a 
advIz to folk like 'cashton': Keep you good brain woikin on wat youz claim aint got no meanin.  Keep turnin id ovah 
and ovah in  dem synapses twixt you ears.  Be lik dem boyz in 49 an keep pannin dat gravel till de gold shIne in de 
pan." Den de whisper sail roun de dempstah and hit both earz in syncopated Time: "De dude 'Bob' and dat 'Mikey' be 
OK by us too.  Somebuddy right on de monee when dey konneckt 'Max Planck' and 'abundant life.'  Max plentee dead 
and he maybe in a Better place and maybe he aint--but de point about De Institute and wat dey doin der fit."  

Bry, Ah figger de voice be all done, so Ah struggles to mah feets and den de whisper kom agin: "While youz at id, 
doan ferget ta tell Bro Bry MERRY CHRISTMAS cuz der aint no othah Hope goin and dem wat doant git konnected kain 
kiss der sorry asses goodbye." Den id get silent like somebuddy say id wuz at Appamatox when Robert E rode thru de 
rankz, time standin still.  Soon as Ah could breath agin, Ah kom lookin fer you.  Merry Christmas, Bro.


hance: nothing like getting a 'merry xmas' from a pimp