name:  You bud

clue:  Yo dude!  Dat kold rain fallin on mah Dempsta Dumpsta beatin out a happy tune: "Fee Fie Foh Fum, I smell the
blood of a Pelagian"--dat mah all time favORite.  Betwixt and between dem raindrops Ah hearz somebody poundin on mah
dumpstah.  Don't pay 'em no mind, de world full a trash and Ah dont need no interUpshuns when Ah is visualizin Pelagians
hangin on meathooks, strugglin in de firah, sreamin fo-eveh, YUM!!!!!
But de poundin keep komin and komin and Ah do love Persistance so Ah figurz dat who id is, dey aint trash.  Peeks out da
lid a de dumpstah and dis voice say "Git you lazy ass ovah ta a ma-sheen what Bro Bry know on his log.  Tell our
favORite cyber-wizard ta lay hiz Pickerz N Stealerz on one a dem ADWz bout dis time tomorrah."  
Dat be all, Bry.  Den de voice gone and jus dem raindrops beatin out doom fer de Opposizhun.  You done bin advised by
dem what loves ya.