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name:  You bud

clue:  Yo dude!  Ah be back.  Wuzn't any 2 kleer Ahd make it back but eben dem Pelagian debbils kain't do nuthin aginst 
Romans 8:29.  Ah aint gittin off'd till de time come. When it do come, dat de beginn not de end.  Dis shit goin down now iz 
a cartoon drawed in crayon, de life be comin we see de point a id all.

Shure do luv readin you log.  Wisht you wuz still doin id.  Kinda like lookin in a teeny part a ole Bryanz mind.  Lotta folk 
dig readin id.

Had sum close callz since de lass time we get ta talk.  Lotz a Ass-In-A-Crack momentz wid dis Experiment but aint NO dull 
ones. Bein skeered shitless iz bettah dan bein bored, any day, any time, any world.

Anywayz, Bry, Ah be in and out a dis cowtown for a good bit, till de next travlin order come.  Jes wuntin to wish youz a 
happy Thanksgiving.  Remember, dat orijin'l one a direct product a de Great Experiment.  Butcher dem turkeys!!!!!! Yum.  A 
teensy foretaste a even better sport--but we git ta dat lader.  Fer now, eat and enjoy.  Ah be dinkin a mah bud Bry--me and 
lotta othas dat wish de bes fer Bry.


This is twice as hilarious because I just picked up this sticker while I was up in Phoenix.