url:  01-may1.html
name:  The Orphanage

clue:  REFORMATION  DAY, 2001

Dear Mr. Hance:
    Delighted that you have returned home safely from your odyssey.  Not everyone lives to tell of their adventures.

    Speaking of which, we assume that you will be pleased to learn that an old friend of yours will probably return within 
the next 10 to 14 days, inclusive.  The brother who signs "You bud" has undergone a series of rather harrowing assignments 
but is substantially intact.  He has spoken of you often.  It seems that a message, from a familiar location, will reach you 
in approximately the parameters set forth above.

     (You may find this address novel to your log.  Do not be apprehensive.  It is authorized.  Indeed, if one were to have 
a continuous loop video camera trained upon this bank of terminals, nothing would be learned by The Opposition--whom we know 
you NOT to be.  We mention that solely to assure you as to this electronic location.  In your society, anyone can be rented 
if the price be sufficient. A dull, colorless person is simply selected and given a message which he/she/they can key in 
within 24 hours of reception.  As you can tell, it has passed through translation and one or two other filters.)

       Now to the gist:  Kudos to Jessica.  A woman after our own heart.  She and Repubgirl verge on the remarkable, 
especially in light of contemporary conditions. Her "spreadsheet" is nearly as much as anyone could desire.  Please recall 
our suggestions apropos thereto (the spreadsheet) as per February 14--2001. [Message to Repubgirl.] It is also suggested 
that more attention might be paid to the text of St. Matthew 13:13, which is itself a paraphrase of Jeremiah 5:21.  Both 
texts are significant.  Both would aid in interpreting the spreadsheet.

Both ladies are requested to use the Gestalt which the One who made us all specifically entrusted to women.  It will do the 
deed more rapidly than Euclid, although that tired horse would, eventually, plod through the spreadsheet.  Only grace will 
bring you Home but an adequate of amount of what one school of polemics calls Right Reason will explain what you currently 
believe to be a puzzle.  It is that.   It also entails events that have been set in motion but will not see fruition during 
the temporal lifetimes of those currently communicating with you.

    If locally supplied information can be trusted, you are about to embark upon a new endeavor in the vocational world.  
May it be happy and prosperous for you.

     The situation here is fluid has been so for several months.  No relief is currently on the horizon and thus it may be 
this time next year before you receive another authorized communication unless it is transmitted by "you bud."  May the 
triune God bless and keep you.

        --Best Regards and 
          continuing Esteem,
          THE  ORPHANAGE