Hance: I was on my trip, didn't see this until I came back and caught up with all my email.

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url:  01-may1.html

name:  Rocky & Bullwinkle

clue:  We have appeared at this rather unsavory location by special request of the person known to you as "you bud."  It is
reliably reported that you also refer to him as "the pimp."  The gentleman in question asked that we use this particular 
terminal at approximately this time of day, as you have received messages from him before under these conditions. More 
exactly, prior messages from him should be reflected in your log.  "You bud" is currently on detached service and is not 
expected to return for another 4-6 weeks.  He has acquired a fondness for Mr. Hance and thought you might notice his absence.  
It is also possible that he will not return at all but such is not currently expected.  Matters as of this date and hour are 
extremely fluid.

Hance: I guess Pimpin' Ain't Easy, but somebody gotta do it.