Date: 22 May 2001 22:44:51 -0000
Subject: new clue

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name:  You bud
clue: Ah wuz stretch out nextah mah Dempster Dumpster long about Midnite when dis kat shakes me awake. Took one look at dat mean dude and knew it wuz Bidness. He say "Dis komin aftahnoon look at dem nu kommentz." Ah sez "Done seed 'em--dey some kinda fine. Bro Bry, he know how ta bring da deep dinkers outa da woodwoik. Look like a convention a BigBrainz." He say agin "Yeah but you wuz tuff an dat heather-chick." Ah sez "She aint 1 a us." He frown so bad Ah kould see id in de dark "No she aint.But she might become 1. Gib de girl some space. An while you at id, lay a few woidz an dem othas." Ah sez "Mah man, you knowz wat about ta happen. Ah aint got de tick-tock. I be bookt." He say "Dis strait from De Orphanage."

So Bro--here Ah iz.

Heather, sorry fer de BadMouth (like you gib a Shit, but Ah sorry anywayz)--you gots a hankerin fer chemykills, so PLEEZ gib some braingreaz ta 1,4-butanediol dimethanesulfonate,atomik mass 114. Do dat nummer 114 bring anyding ta mind? Dink a Number Theory and properties. While you dinkin an dat, look at 114 from anotha angle, like in "Physica D, 114:108-122 (1998)." Dat artikle tie-in wid somethun from supah-smart Jessica dealin wid freekwencies an such. No, Heather, DIS AINT A KLUB FER SMART FOLK--WE GOTS TA DO IT DIS WAY FER DA TIME BEIN. No choice. Feetz ta dah Firah, kaint have jes anybuddy read an understand. LATER, YES, but not now. anotha point fer Heather: us messin wid 114 go back furthah dan 1998, so dink a sumpthin in addishun ta freekwentsees.

Few woidz fer some otha folk, especialee fer MIKEY, BEN, BILL, BINGO an R fav-oh-rite REPUBGIRL--doant you-all git tired from dinkin so much? Ah aint jokin or funin--you peoples got de Serious Brains. Like in spades. (Yeah dat last sententz wuz a joke, but aint funin about youz bein SupahSmart.)

Rest a dem peoples doin good 2--eben R alienated frien' Ashton. Kaint swear ta dis, Ash, but sometimez alienation is de result a Grace. Like id be wat Ash need RIGHT NOW ta bring him back ta de FINAL, right place. Luther say "God led me like an old, blind horse." Yeah, kickin an screamin--plus bein old an blind, de Grace run Luther plum crazy but look at wat Bro Martin got done: he wrote a 110 BIG volumes and dat de leest of wat he wracked up. Like history changed--- but he hated about 90 minutes outa everee 100. So bein strung out not necessaralee a bad ding. Said different "Doan be 2 shure, ol boy, dat you done eskaped from de Reservation." Lota wat got writ in New England while id wuz still in de Great Experiment, deal wid The Final Perseverance Of The Saints. It get abused by de enemies of God, but dis sayin be true: "Once saved, always saved." Aint da best way to say id or to dink about id, but de woidz be true.

JESSICA, if none a us gits to meet up Here Below, den we all see you at The Right Hand of The Father. Hang in der, sweet lady. You talkin bout virtual reality is on de monee--we doant kare nuthin about dat anime-mess, but U on de right track.

Gots ta go now, kaint come back fer a piece, some serious shit fixin ta come down. Aint dramatik, leastways we hope id not be noticed, didnt nobody intercept us befoh, but "Dat wuz den and dis is now." Fore Ah goes, ask R good frien CARLOS if he kould take a leedle a dat time dat so precious an give a look at de recent Greek. Tell him ta dink a Delphi. Poor sad heathenz dey wuz, but az temporal wisdom go, de advice wuz good--then and now. Chow.