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clue=Yo dude!  Ah wuz hangin, jes bein mah worthlis self when sum pauper lookin purson lurch inta mah private space and ah
thinks, "Outa chAnj, ol boy, U aint gettin no handout frum an ol vet like me--dun seed 2 many a you sorryass tinCuppers."  But
he dont ask fer nuthin.  stead he say: "Git you lazy ass down ta dem logins what Bro Bry kno from afore.  Help Jessica she be
needin a liddle shaft o light."  So here ah iz--Jes, you havin a differn copy a de OED dan wat availbl ta me?  Ah gots ZABRA
in de BigMotha set, volume XX, pAj 790 and in de 2 volume wat got de teensy print, gib you De Squint jes puzzlin id out but
lay dem I-beams on pAj 3867.  Since you off in dat kold plAs playin wid poley bears, gib a liddle hint to a fine lady--ZABRA
fuhst appear in dat lingo you and ah speekin in 1523, State Papers of Henry VIII.  Not much happin in Englun den but de
Reformation roarin on de Kontinent. Took Englun longer ta wake up.  Remembah dem nummers far-off friend--790 and 3867.  Might
burrOH outa de glacier and see if any mail come fer Lektor Augustsson.  Might be fun.  You and dat Repubgirl iz sumthin
else--tel Carlos not ta kill hisself wid woik. Ah does about 2 hours a week, suit me fine.
name=You bud