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clue=Yo dude!  2 item fer R favArite wizerd, Boss Hance.  Whin U gits to id, feel free ta post mah las 2, eben if
dey deal with individualz.  Sheeit, man, far as dey Pig n de Hirelingz goes, we kuld put id on billboard--dem none
de wizer.  Nummer 2: Takin a mite longer on Repubz dan we fuhst thot--sum say "not 2 much jes yet"--othas sayin
"Kain do no harm, help her an kain be figgered out by de shits."  Real problem iz dat TOO MUCH mAk de lady de objek
a interest by de smarter oppazhun.  So we bein karefl--ain nuthin go over de wire do her no harm.  Jes giv her
plAzhure an evybudy need fun dat ain bad fo yah.  Jes tak a mite longer.  
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