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clue=Yo dude!
Ah no-s mah ole frien Bry rekolekt dis login.  Strivin fo konsystenzi ain a bad thing.  Man, id bin kold, make dem dumpsterz
kolder dan uzhUl, so I trudj down ta dem swell folk @ de Salvation Army and apply fer a koat.  Like dem extra fin coats dat
Kolchak had hiz slime wearin durin de shakeOut. (Nebah seed a piktuh? De long, reach ta you anklz--bout wat anybudy need durin
Artik shit.) So I standin at de kountah an de clerk start eyin me real kloseLike, dun gib me de HeebieJeebie-den de kat
you him. Step ovah ta de fitin room gots a special kote jes fer youz."  Whoa!! Kaint nebah turn down an aDventoor, so ah
stepz. We
gets off kinda private an de clerk hans me a crumpled up bag look like sumbudy wolf down abou 10 poun a greeZy donuts outta de
But on de bag iz writ-------
"Tell Mr. Hance the following two points of information: (1) See Webster's Third New Int'l Dictionary, )1993, at page 2656.
will help with ZABRA; (2)Mrs. Augustsson may expect an envelope delivered in the normal, completely neutral form of mail
on or about February 9th.  It  has been dispatched by normal channels and will arrive at the postal address associated wtih
University.  When viewed inclusively it will greatly assist her already exceptional efforts."  Ah knows dem Orphanage peoples
thinks whole bunch a Jessica but de Amerikin mail service sucks Big Time--miiite be a day or two lade. Nuthin dun by humanz iz
total A-sured but shuld kum abouts de 9th. Hope dat smart woman kain tak tyme off a slidin down glacierz n playin wid poley
Dat fun but what arrivin is funER.   
name=you bud