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clue=Yo dude!
Man, lik id nebah crossed nobodyz mind dat BDH be seed wid one a us.
Dont tak no kurage but do rekwire stayin Awake.
Specialee ifn youz run up on one dem couriers de Orphanage folk send for runnin errands and No Brainers.  
Dummest kind a people. Remembah, dude, you dun bin warned--dem slowwits put mistah Hance Asleep fast.  
Gulp a BIG pot a Java or mainline kafeen befoh youz meets em in a alley or behind a dumpster.  
Dem suckahs is dull.  On de otha han, you present show up quiker.  First ding, dough we 
gots ta shake one um Awake. Not ezee gittin derattention. You bud n Korespondun mak a perzonl search 
a downnOut haunts n try ta run up longside a one dem rejectz. mite tak n hour, might tak a day.  
do mah bes for Bry.
name=you bud

hance:I'm bored, I translate:
Man, like it never crossed nobody's mind that BDH would be seen with one of us. Doesn't take any courage
but it requires staying awake. Especially if you run up on one of those couriers the Orphanage send for 
running errands and no brainers. Dumbest kind of people. Remember, you've been warned, them slowwits put 
BDH to sleep fast. Gulp a big pot of java or mainline caffeine before you meet them in an alley or behind 
a dumpster. Them suckers is dull. On the other hand, your present show up quicker. First thing though we
have to shake them Awake. Not easy getting their attention. Your bud and corresponding (?) make a personal
search of down and out haunts and try to run up alongside one of them rejects. MIght take an hour, might 
take a day. (I'll) do my best for bryan.