Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 12:37:09 -0700 (MST)

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clue=Yo, Bry!

Hangin out in mah uzul alley and dis seedy lookin cat come up and say, "DIS AUTHORIZD tel bro Hance dat Wenzdy komin
and he should lay dem Pickerz n Stealerz on a papah."  Sed somethun elze 2 but id kinda complykated--ah shor an 
time jes now.

Speakin a time, dat Jessica sumthun elz--but ah kaint lay no eyebeamz on de Exksel file--id hookt up gud n proper?
Lookin fward ta seein id lattah. Soun real fine, jes kaint gid at id from heah.  Jes membered part a wat de cat 
say--look fer a tabl in one dem ole announcez what got dem 4 symbol dat show next to Major n Minor in diz weekz
announsmen.  Sumptin about sekwens in one dem urlier, der nummerz konnektd ta each simbol.  No guessin, id writ 
down in de annonce. Az de dude waz staggern away he yell bak at me, "Hierarchy."  Prablee mak mo senz when 
seein radder dan hearin.  Somkinda ladder-lookin  arrangmen in de urlier announz.  Only ladder ah knowz belong ta
name=you bud

Hance: I'll spare you the pain of translating:
Hanging out in my usual alley and this seedy looking cat came up and said "This is authorized: Tell hance that
this coming wednesday he should get his hands on a copy of the Arizona Daily Wildcat." He said something else but its
kind of complicated - I sure an time just now (?). (and sure ain't time just now?)

Speaking of time, that Jessica is something else - but I can't see the excel file - its linked up right?
Looking forward to seeing it later. Sounds fine, just can't get at it from here. I just remembered part of what the
guy said: look for a table in one of the old announcements that has the 4 symbols that show next to major and minor in
this weeks announcement. Something about sequence in one of those earlier, the numbers connected to each symbol. No
guessing, I'd write it down in the announcement. As the guy was staggering away he yelled back at me "Hierarchy".
Probably make more sense when seeing, rather than hearing. Some kind of ladder-looking arrangement in the earlier
announcements. Only ladder I know of belongs to Jacob.