From 11/12/00

clue=Mr. Hance:
     You may or may not have received an email from "Rocky & Bullwinkle" dealing with the fact that the
local Section received a transmission specifically for you with accompanying instructions that it be posted from
a ZIP you would recognize from prior dealings.  Feel free to post their (R&B) email, if you received it.  We
fear it did not reach you, as an earlier email from Ireton did not.  Please check your PO box on Tuesday
afternoon or whenever thereafter is convenient for you.  Undertakings of this nature incline the participants to 
uneasiness, which is often unwarranted.  Nonetheless, be sure that whatever arrives in your box has
indicia of reliability.  Look for the time on Friday afternoon when it arrived locally.  Other indicia can be
supplied later, if need arises.  It should be considered Providential that you have locted 3/21/90 as reference
will be made in either December or June, 01, Deo volente.  It would have been a major distraction retrieving you 
another copy from the Central Archive under current conditions. All concerned wish you and your friends
well, many favorable reports were received on 10/11/00.  When matters are less fluid, rewards will be
name=Authorized communication