from: 11/10/00

email=don't have one
clue=Dear Bryan,
  A transmission was received by the local Section at mid-afternoon, this date.  It is addressed to Bryan
and has been printed out and dispatched via a ZIP code you have seen before.  The general electronic address
from which this is being sent should also have registered in your log previously. (Please do not post that 
particualar electronic data, even though the Opposition has long known it, the digital address is of
trivial import to your contributors and would merely distract them.)  Again,please check the exact hour of the
Time Stamp on the print-out, when you receive your copy.  Contrary to standard practice, the original has been 
temporarily retained locally. Under normal conditions that would be unwise, but necessary under  the
developing circumstances.  There is a third verifying characteristic, not be set forth here.  When you are in receipt
and have posted the transmission on the Web, consider it valid if you have not received countervailing word
from this (logged) digital address within 24 hours.  The message should be in your PO Box on Tuesday
afternoon--but again, look for the hour and minute of the Time Stamp on the print-out, as well as the date.  The matter
is sufficiently important that pressing concerns both in the local Section and especially elsewhere, were 
interrupted in order to contact Bryan.  Consider it a token of our continuing Esteem.
name=Rocky & Bullwinkle