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clue=Part IV--figger a clever dude like BDH know how ta stick all dem parts together, so it read in better shape dan what ah
bin  sendin.  No shit, Bry, dis connexion is some kinda bad--but fer now we stuck wid de Sand People goin in Single
File--got ta use what you log already show as havin bin here before. Might be one a us, might be a 100, might be ...X.

Now, finishin up: Yeah, de personal limitations a de Freaks is hard ta take--always has bin and dat wont change tween now
and when Gabe blast de trupmpet.  Figger de Author knew what He wuz doin by chusin some real sorry-ass characters to be His 
instruments--but dat AINT why you gittin envelopes dat don't make sense in de short run.  Rather, mah man, it have ta do wid
dis latest announcement--de "First Quadrant"--meanin in dis case, de upper left hand quartah a 88 May Day.  Read it, chew it,
roll around in it, git in you hair, stuck in yoah ears and pulled Inside anyway you can. Why?  Becuase dat de "M.O." for dis
current phase.  What de best way ta hide somethin from de bastids what bin against us since Adam fell?  Put it out in front 
of 'em, in de broad daylight--but make it Dull, make it Old & Tired, make it Delapidated and so far from Hip dat de fools 
chasin after Cool, dont notice.  Dis kain be said Short & Simple cuz de Pig kaint believe it: Make it bumblin and 
inept-lookin as long as the fuse burnin.  Dey won't never suspect anything in de Slow lane will run 'em down.

name=You bud

hance: security through obscurity is a term which has come to mind at many a point.
Fenrir 06.27.2004

clue: The following expands on the 10/20/00 entry concerning the "first coordinate" clue.

Boundry Line Monument 122 is located at 31.3328N 110.9417W. You can see it at link

A distance of 60.36ft North places you right about on the railroad tracks.

My research into what the heck they meant with the Section and township stuff lead me here: link

The Meridian Bryan mentions previously is only the base point in AZ for figuring out where the townships are located and has nothing else to do with this clue. Fortunately the topo maps I was using have all the townships, ranges, and sections marked and numbered so it ended up being fairly easy. The approximate center of the section is at 31.3556N 110.9340W and you can view it here: link

The "8" in the center is the section number. The section is 1 mile by 1 mile square bounded on the map by either a solid or dashed red line. I have no idea what they may be refering to in that area though.