Name: Ubud


Comments: Yo bro!  Wuz skin'n A pig; damn fine, suh--keepA squealin till de gut come out. BIG SPLASH--roasty toasty,ober de lips an down de throat, 
look out gutz, heah Ah kum.

Weel, much FUN az dat be, somethun Important hittin de fan: de loonytick
on de skatz ketch-d up wid me on de Intah-state, I be doin 85 an he just glide up.  Down roll de windah an he hand me dis fer Bro Bry;
" Cordial Greetings, Mr. Hance.  Please be informed, and Ms. Lawson as well, that it would be prudent to have one of your many friends 
call upon the ADW as per 12/2/2015, A.D.  Our local staff informs us that the ADW is now being distributed in boxes on one of the oldest 
streets Downtown.  A beneficial development to be rolled upon the tongue like berries.
Farewell, sir."--THE ORPHANAGE