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clue=Dis Part II: Bry, here de Straight Shit, no varnish, no dilution, The Way It Is: Dem crazies is short on Social Skills
and Graces (I de exception--dat why dey wants me to talk to mah man Bry--ah can pass for Moderate, long as  ah don't have to do
it too often)--but what you is puttin on de Web, by way a de ADW, is the ALTERNATIVE--period.  De rest is counterfeit.  Take
you local area--watch dem "politikul" commentators on KUAT--give any buddy wid half a brain de Dry Heaves--each and evy one a
dem is Achin ta join de Establishment--you can  smell it on 'em.  Pick der words wid care, so maybe dey git let inside.  De 
people what bin dealin wid Bryan D. Hance ain't lookin to join nuthin dey aint already a part of--and bin part of since
before De Creation.  

Dat right, dem de true words: "since before De Creation."  Why?  cuz nuthin else worth joinin.  Evything else is de
difference tween LIGHTIN and de lightin-bug.  You got de hots for insects?  Den read de yellah rag what show up in dem 
damn fool boxes and see de same chickenshit on KUAT.  Want de LIGHTIN coursin through your veins and carryin you clean 
into what so good it caint be described--den it cost you your life.  Dat de goin price--and always has bin.  Dis a real
Practical point, as it explain why De Crazies dont give a flea-fart about grownin old and dyin graveyard-dead, doin dis.  De
LIGHTIN is worth what it cost--specially when de "alternative" is nuthing but a damn bug.
name=You bud

hance: I think it is safe to say the Mystery has taken on an entirely unexpected twist at this point.