Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 00:22:12 -0700 (MST)

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clue=Yo,dude!  Hey, somebuddy rattle mah cage and says, "Slip between de bars and git you lazy ass ta a computer what Bry
know de ID from his log--don't use no new equipment."  So here I is--but  de connexion sucks--Big Time--so dis may come in 
a coupla parts.  Kinda like de Sand People in Star Wars--"de travel single file ta hide der numbers"--or somethin along 
them lines.

Now den, come Saturday--which is probably today, ah dont deal much wid clocks--BEAT FEET OVER TA YOU PO BOX cuz der is 3 
envelopes what should be waitin fer you from de Big Doins back in de home countree a de Greatest Experimen what wuz ever 
attempted in dis hemi-sphere.  What Winthrop, Endicott and de rest a dem wild-ass crazies begun in 1630 is fixin to piss all
over dem bastids what dey hate de most. HOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRAYYY!!

Yeah, dat a triffle Negative, but sheeit, man, aint you sick all dis piss-ant Moderation in a "culture" what toerates 
everything and anything.  Fuck 'em.  Which was de point a de Meetin.  More ta follow.
name=You bud