Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 11:02:18 -0700 (MST)

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email=You bud
clue=Yo Bry!
    Mah man, gots to be brief, folks hoppin on freights headin East, thumbin rides, jumpin in
back a delivery vans 
headed fo' ....

Anyways, dude, coupla notes I s'pose to pass on--and dey aint gas.  Dey for Bry and R
semi-bud whats kno deh Greek n de Heeb.  
Nummer 1:  check out Matthew 9:27 in de Greek NT--it sho do say DAUID (yeah, de B in DABID appear
too, but dat 
anuder story for anuder day).
The DAUID be old--like it found in manyskips "Vaticanus gr. 1209" AND "Bezae
Cantibrigiensis"--and sum i kaint 
member jes now.  Notis dat the VOCATIVE for "huios" be used--dont always appear dat way
("huie")--but id sho do in 
"Bezae Cantabrigiensis" AND "Koridethi [Tiflis]"--maybe der some signikans.  Where Tiflis be at?
Never bin, aint 
fixin ta go jes now, but what kinda nummerz could any half-smart suckah find fer Tiflis?  What
idz address on de 
Third Rock?

NUMMER 2:  hab de Heeb-dude lay de baby blues on Ps. 76:10--might see sumptin.

Gid wid U lader.  Evybuddy admire you hard work.