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clue=Yo Bry!
    I hangin in more kunjeen'l atmospher dan dat las time we  talk.  Sheeeit, I hates goin downtheah but 
ever-buddy gots to swing his shovel.  Anyhowz, mah man Bry need to git his head around dem stamps on de 
new mailins.  What dose ol boys be doin?  Where they hangin?  Hint for our frien from Buckeye Land--what 
goin on an went on on de Feather? (I heerd yearz back: "Mailings are tailings.")What happen if some smart 
kat start triangulatin from de coordinates in dis ad with de new shit?  Hmmm, boy, Almond Joy.  Aint no 
Pig dis side a Hell could figger dat one--but youz, Martin an Repubgirl ain no Pigs. No trash parts in dis 
Puzzle, no throw-aways--we be talkin Design. Years aint shit, de smart ones know dat--dont matter when de 
ore hit de smelter--gold don't rust.  De hearts die an rot but de Love live outside piss-ant time.   Dig 
name=You bud