Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 12:03:03 -0700 (MST)

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clue=Had to hang down heah taday, makin delivery.  Shoulda come by and seed Bry but dis environmen dpressn.  Bry don't 
need no sadass derelikt shown up on de doahstep.  Anyhowz, dis Abel dude is on ta sumthun good.  Dis misstery jazz hav 
conekshun wid nummers.  Like how many levels iz der?  What nummer Abel hit on?  Figger everyding dat show on de printd 
page is 1--den what Abel tellin mah bud Bry?  Dont want no Pigs or dem Hirelingshits ta read and unnerstan.  Dig mah 
man? Sho' you doez, jes take a while.  Peoples talkin good about Bry, we gittin back ta bdh preddy soon--lota pots 
boilin and fixin ta spill.  Wrong shit hit de floah and we got problems.  No bigee if we go slow an careful. Jes easin 
down de road till we hit de crest a de hill, den slow be forgot an Fun begin.
name=You bud