Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 12:01:45 -0700 (MST)

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clue=Yo dude!  Ah had some chickenshit bidness down heah and sumbuddy tell me: "Login at dat comput--ole Bry done seed de digital 
signeetuh afore, doan't want ta freak him out wid nuthin new."  Talk bout bein FREAKED, Goddamn man, dis Downtown be too 
much--Lawyers n Judges, Banks n Whores.  Depressd de livin shit outa me.  Somebud lay on me dat you livin down heah--how U stan it? 
 Soon az ah cain shovel dat shit, your man headin home--got ta DETOX mah soul.  But ah got sum gud newz fer ya==MAGNOLIA playin 
raht heah in de o-riginal home a boilin concrete n sunstroke--beat feet ta "Crossroads Festival"--practical givin a-way admissun.  
Nevah kno, Bry, might see a konexion.  Wood go wid ya mahself, but needs ta crawl back in mah hole, drink a case a CocaCola and lay 
de lips on 10 poun a chokalit.  Anyhowz, mah bud Bry gots monee ta burn.  Drink a Coke and watch de silvah skreen light up. 
name=You bud

Bhance: I would have gone, but I was in Mexico all weekend. I'll probably rent it in a few days.