Page: 14-jun25.html

Name: U bud


Comments: Yo Bro!  De Dempstah Dumpstah shakin A-part dis mornin' Ah look out no 
loony-tick no black heeelikopter--nuthin' Den az Ah burrow back down Ah heerd 
kleer but not sa loud: "Inform Mr. Hance that a matter of some existential 
import will transpire tomorrow at two locations.  One of them is well known 
to him."

Bry, dat a new form a de Orphanage sendin' mes-Aj.  Jes a voice no nuthin in 
de alley, nuthin oberhead--jes a Voice not loud but kleer very kleer.  Heerd 
id before but not lak disn wid no form. One a der experymintz may be woikin 
at a new level.

Chow, Bro.