Name: U Bud


Comments: Yo bro! Was lazin in de Dempstah Dumpstah, just floatin on de aromas when BAM BAM, somebud poundin on de
outside. Pokes mah fool head out and der be the Loonatik on rollerskates, beanie and message stuck in his mouth 
like an old dog with a bone: "Greetings to Mr. Hance. 3/23 is the next un=scheduled announcement.  
Pay especial attention to the Doctrinal Content.  Time is short and we are all
mortal. Prioritize. The Orphanage."

Den de lunatic shake his head and get the propeller movin an de beanie. Whooosh, he be gone 
straight up and Mr. Hance be informed. Chow, Bry.  Your faithfulness has not gone unnoticed.