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Name: U Bud


Comments: Yo bro!

De Orphanage had me woikin' an EXPERIMEN'.  Damn, I luv dem Experimen.
So, bro, got pulled a-way by de Lunytick in dee Beeenie wid de Propellah, damn near 
broke mah collah bone yankin me away from de operatin table (hmmmm, Bry, de 
Experimen be so fine...) an he say,
"The Orphanage directly inquires of Mr. Hance as to the reception of a postcard 
from your current base of Portland.  Loyal brethren have reported dispatch.  
No report as to reception." Den he push de propellah button and BE GONE.

Chow, Bro, de operatin table callin loud an clear.  Stay well, Bro an stay undah radar.  
Timez iz bad and gettin woise fast.