Page: 13-june19.html

Name: U bud


Comments: Yo bro!  Ah wuz stirrin Bar-B-Q sauce, extree-seshal inGREdientz w'en a goofy-lookin humminbird 'gin 
a hoverin next ta mah open winder--id commence talkin!  Shit mah rubber diaper.  Dam' ding iz an iddy biddie 
drone an once U git de piktuah id talk rEEl plain: "Greetings to the excellent Mr. Hance from The Orphanage.  
Four (4) instruments have independently informed us of "jcr" and the 'club of gentlemen' re: the alleged Illuminati.  
'Club of gentlemen' is not part of the nomenclature.  If such phrase appears in your postings, it was not from 
The Orphanage.  On the other hand, "jcr" is correct that the (alleged) "Illuminati" are indeed inoffensive and 
ineffectve.  Foolish people wearing silly hats and clothes that don't fit. We are interested in fundamental 
CHANGE and that necessarily incorporates Death rather than external trivialities.  Best wishes in all good 
things, Mr. Hance."  Den de humminbird buzz off an __U Bud__ beat a path to the nearest terminal known to
Dis jes frum me: Stay well, dude; dis a Quiet stretch, den ... .