Page: 17-oct25.html

Name: Ain't no co-in-see-dents


Comments: The Orphanage has instructed Farragut and Bradwardine to publish the [finite time] of the gravitational collapse via "audi alteram partem" -- Augustine c. 400 A.D. (Syntactically Adopted Blum Integers) "placuit tamen occultior via", first pass: [5/1/90, 5/1/17]. The advanced proceedings have been posted steganographically amidst the 'resonet in laudibus' (R^5 Space) of pictorial files. Für diese Stelle braucht man jemanden Tatkräftigen. Farragut as helmsman is to process sequential transmissions under the internal metric "Ten leagues beyond the wide world's end", while victualling is to be completed via the implicit non-standard recursive functions made available in pleno a posteriori. Once victualled, the potential wavefront which results is to conform, via analogia (Q4), to <"but he answered him {nothing}, so Pilate marveled"|"he was greatly perplexed, but he liked to listen to him" (?????????????????)>. Fourth Level: "nisi iam dies esset exactu
 s". Calutron - nota bene: "venienti occurrite morbo". The Hudson Valley Licensor is to proceed statim. To be made a matter of record on 5/1/18: "Things much lower and baser, yet much easier to obtain"; Riemann Zeta Function, sub specie: 1.618.

Orate Pro Nobis.