Date:Mon, 01 Feb 1999 14:12:59 -0700
Subject:(no subject)

Dear Repubgirl:

In regard to your interest in the cinema "The Hireling" please note
that your most common English plural (Hirelings) was used in the
announcement.  We applaud your intensity, but wish to offer this
suggestion: Focus your efforts less on small details and more on
Larger Designs--indeed there is a Grand Design, but it is not
contained in any one announcement.  Therefore, it is suggested that
you look for larger, more encompassing themes, rather than proceeding
a posteriori.

Only a suggestion, "do your own thing"--if your countrymen still say
that.  The particular cinema you mentioned, however, is not the
reference--but The Hirelings are very important.   Perhaps you should
consider the relationship between The Pigs, The Hirelings, The
Revisionists and The Pelagians.  They (presumably) stand in an
hierarchical order.  The Pigs, obviously, are the lowest--and they are
certainly not people trying to become Members--as was suggested by one

All concerned wish you well.  If you wish, "share" this with Mr.
Hance.  We are not likely to contact you again in the near future--
but please continue your laudably intense efforts.  One never knows
what remarkable involvement might result from what only appears to be
a game.

--The Orphanage

P.S.  Schrodinger has recently suggested--and the Midget Tag Team
concurs--that someone of your nature might profit from printing out
5/1/89--and then ask Mr. Hance for a more clear copy, especially on
the right-hand side.  Chirality has significance, although rarely as
initially perceived.  Your friend, "Koen" has noticed an article to
that effect.  Ireton sent a courier just before this was to be

"Tell 'repubgirl' to investigate more closely exactly HOW Roger
Williams became a heretic.  It was not (chiefly) connected with the
redskins." [Ireton is a native speaker of your language and he enjoys
an occasional pun.]

His point seems generally well-taken; please investigate the scabrous
Williams and his revisionism--it will help make The Grand Design more