Dear Mr. Claessen:

We welcome new friends. We hope you will become part of our cause. Please
pay more attention to the Greek and Hebrew. You are getting close on
the numbers, but the meaning of the words requires more attention.

The Orphanage

Originally came in Dutch:
Dierbaar Koen:

We welkom nieuw vrienden. We oprecht hoop dat je will geworden deel onzer
bewerken. Je bent krijgen afsluiten aan de getale, doch de betekenis
van de woorden behoeft neer aandacht.

                                                          ---Het Weeshuis

Koen's comments
It *might* be done by a translation program, but that one is then very bad. I am almost sure it was done by somebody translating the English word-by-word. I can see that because verbs are not bended, the word order is not changed, there are some spelling mistakes, and some words got the wrong translation. (Like the English word "close", here it means "near" or "nearby", but they used the verb "to close" in the translation.)
Further, there seem to be a lot of old words, as if they used a very old dictionary.
But I like it anyway that they took the effort of doing this :-)