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Name: U Bud

Email: torch

Comments: Yo bro! Dis de fuhst Sundy a Advent and urlee dis mornin Ah layin in de 
Dempstah Dumpstah dreamin abou' De Incarnation,de WORD made Flesh. Happy. God 
interveeenin fer us--and BAM BAM BAM.  Outside iz de Looneytick wid de beanie an a 
propeller on top, droolin, rollin aroun on de groun, shoutin an kickin. Nebah 
figger'd out how dat Propellah doan never break.  Must be under Providential 
pro-teck-shun.  Twixt shoutin an rollin he holler out: "Straight frum de Orphanage 
for Mr. Hance, Hirelings hot on the trail. ALL is in the alternate venue.  
Will be in more direct and standard communication when we have dealt with our 
leakage difficulty.  Taking water off Flemish Cap and cannot put in. Internal 
problem--our best to Mr. Hance."  Den de Loon quit shakin 'n shoutin' look up at 
me straight in de eye and say "Don't let the sun set without delivery to Mr. Hance."

Stay cool, Bro.