name:  Mrjingles

clue:  Bryan,

        I found your site by accident yesterday and have probably spent a total of about 6 hours
pouring through everything.  The big question in my mind is: "What is the big picture here?"  It seems
from my reading that most have dismissed the notion of this being an Arizona Secret Society.  My
feeling is that to dismiss this idea may not be in everyone's best interest.  Think about it:  1)  This
has been going on for over 22 years.  2)  If this organization is NOT based in Arizona, why use the AWD
to communicate with each other?  3)  The fact that they DO use the AWD to communicate means they
absolutely MUST all be there in Arizona!  How would some of their people in, say, California, get
access to the messages?  One thing to consider:  Are there any other college newspapers that have seen
the same types of messages?  That would, in my opinion be the ONLY way they could get this "code" to
all of their cohorts.  
        Just my initial thoughts after perusing all that is on your site.  Bottom line is this:  IF
this is not a Secret Society, just playing a game, why use such a primitive, insecure means to
communicate?  Especially in this day and age with encrypted email, secure phones, etc.