Hi there,
These are just some thoughts that I had for the enigmatic puzzle.

A Possible! Personality Profile:
Probably Old, Probably a Man.

Classic education  - Includes Latin Greek and Romance Languages.
Definitely of European origin - Most likely 
**1. English  - most probably
2. Jewish - Why? After DEM he talks about "The Hirelings" - A slang used
for Nazi thugs around the time of "the night of the long knives" in Germany
(mid 1936?) when Hitler came to power by massacring 50 of his opposition in
the German parliament and declared a National Emergency thus giving himself
absolute power. Lilliputian are the tiny people in the Novel Gullivers
Also the Pigs could be used to Portray Nazis - The Germans eat a LOT of
Pork and Jews won't touch it.

Biblical excerpts mean probably brought up in a Christian environment -
Boarding school education where he was forced to go to church?

Detests bullies - Refers to Pigs twice  ( The Pigs + Porcine Opposition)
+ Reference to 90% death rate on the Long March - The march led by Chairman
Mao of China from which the fighting force of the Chinese Communists began
Either that or the Long March from the 

Very Possibly an ex-Submariner - Maybe the Radio / Navigation officer
Midget Tag Team  - Midget Submarines(?) Used by special forces to attach
limpet mines to enemy ships.
+Captain Morgan's (Rum) - Given as part of Rations To Royal Navy Sailors
+Is the drawing on Nov 1983  A map of a battle S=Submarine, F=Frigate
+The Phrase - If I should die before I wake" - Submarines only provide a
wake when they surface.
+Radio silence in the Straights of Gibraltar 

On a random note : (4217 is an international designation code for currency
- DEM = Deutchmarks.  This ISO  was produced in 1990 - 1 year after the
Berlin wall came down.)


You know, this is probably the only slant we haven't taken on this puzzle...