Name: U bud

Email: bake

Comments: Yo bro! Id be 104 or 204 where Ah be at, kain't 'member which.  
Dem Orphanage folk goooood at trackin, Ah wuz at de Slaughter House watchin 
Pigz bein put to der highes' 'n bestest use when de lunatic on de rollah skAtz 
wid de beenie 'n propellr kum rollin tru de blood. Hot Dam' he 'pear ta hab'
a fIne time coastin tru dem red poolz 'n puddlz.  So he pull up next ta me 
and pull a Pork Chop out hiz back pok't.  Black ink an de yum-fIne meat: 
"Inform Mr. Hance that one of his many contacts should acquire an ADW on 
Wednesday, 19 June 2013."  Ah hand id back ta de lunatic and he swallow 
id whOle.
Chow, Bro.