Interesting email:
Hey Bryan- Found a book the other day titled In the Footsteps of Mr. Kurtz- 
published in 2000, author of Michela Wong, it seems to be about Zaire, and 
the abuses of Mobutu, and on the cover was a foreign dollar, with 1994 
clearly visible on it. Probably means nothing, but it was odd to see such a 
blatant synchronsity with the Mystery in the bookstore. OH! and the first 
chapters title is from everybodys favorite song, Hotel California. the bit 
about you can never leave.


hance:Here's an Amazon link.

Gene, 04.03.2007

just discovered your site today due to the wiki. I
noticed the "Kurtz" clue, which means something to
me...I did not see any comments about it on your site
so apologies if you are already aware. "footsteps of
Kurtz" could only mean one thing, to me anyway, that's
a reference to "Heart of Darkness", by Joseph Conrad.
This is the text that the film "Apocalypse Now" was
based on. You might know that already, BUT in the
scene where Kurtz (Marlon Brando) meets his assassin
(Martin Sheen) there's a stack of books on a table
sitting next to Kurtz..the bible is one of the books,
another is "The Golden Bough, A study in Magic and
Religion" by Frazer. It's a hard to find book (I
happen to have the 1922 edition). It's a rather
esoteric book; here's a link to the online full-text

I consider Golden Bough showing up in Apocalypse Now
to not be an accident. It's a circular reference back
to Heart of Darkness. The two books are related. Read
the chapter "The Killing of the Devine King", (chapter
24, Golden Bough) and compare that to the Apocalypse
Now screenplay, and to Heart of Darkness.

Have not read your entire site yet, but both Heart of
Darkness as well as Golden Bough are where I'd
investigate the "Kurtz" reference.