Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 19:49:45 -0700 (MST)

Data Express... 
This data is from the Form located at the URL: 

Really, now, you must realize that I am no more inclined to fulfill your request than you are mine. 
Why risk getting the whole countryside involved and spoil the fun? It gives me far more pleasure 
to deny you what you want; and I can be silent forever as long as it causes you the slightest suffering.

Incidently, don't you think the 5/1/94 ADW contains something of a forensic error on your part? 
As if anyone who is familiar with your writing could miss it! Not that that is what lead me to Mr. 
Hance's very excellent website by any means, but I  could not help but laugh when I noticed. 
Thought you should know.

Just to be fair, you may want to give the gang another (easier) clue so they know what's going on, too. 
They are, after all, very committed to understanding.

BTW, you're not the only one who is a good shot! LOL! (a joke)


Mr. Hance:

About that favor I owe you...

1) Some practice with a telescope may help you understand your spherical coordinates better.

2) There are several greek-english-greek translators online that do a passable job.

3) Everything you have collected is very valuable! Do not throw away or delete anything! 
I may even go so far as to suggest that you don't handle any of the materials more than needed.

4) Don't trust anyone over 30.


hance: whatever.
hance: update - this was an attempt by somebody that I met later at dropping some specific hints to the orphanage in an attempt to see if they had a relation to an entirely different -- and older -- mystery. After going over all the info I don't think this person was on the right track, but I could see how they thought there was some relation between the two things we discussed.