Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 20:28:40 -0700 (MST)

Data Express... 
This data is from the Form located at the URL: 

I'm certain you already know this, but I can't help but mention that the Pigs don't seem to realize of what interest your
cryptograms may be to them. I, however, find them quite intriguing.

In fact, I would give the --shirt-- off my back to know the truth... but  since I can't reach you, perhaps if you have even a
tiny piece of a particularly old one you could mail it to Mr. Hance and it would do quite nicely?

If I have asked too much, or too prematurely, or my request is simply inappropriate, then please do not be offended. I'm still
trying to puzzle things out; and I need a hint to know if I am working in the right direction. I won't speak until I have all
the facts assembled correctly.

Thank you in advance.


hance: I delivered your message, now return the favor somehow.

shirt, huh?

hance: update - this was an attempt by somebody that I met later at dropping some specific hints to the orphanage in an attempt to see if they had a relation to an entirely different -- and older -- mystery. After going over all the info I don't think this person was on the right track, but I could see how they thought there was some relation between the two things we discussed.