Delivery to my PO Box ~12.15.2007

Two pieces of some kind of mailing or shipping/postal forms, with portions cut out, and two loose items - one xerox of a medical diagram, and one glossy photo. Nothing was written on the back of either one.

Delivery contents:

Page 1, with cutout
Page 2, with cutout
Pic #1
Pic #2

Perkins 12.22.2007

I believe your mail was sent to the Aasha Cancer and Children's Hospital in Thane,
India (a Mumbai [Bombay] outgrowth), which is on the first floor of the Darshan building. Why?

Well, for one reason, there have been references to children's and cancer hospitals before.
For another, missionary/charitable work would explain an awful lot of the otherwise improbable
geographical references seen throughout those materials.

El Jav 12.22.2007
I dont know how relevant this is but sunflower seeds are traditionally one of the
foods that affects the throat chakra.  That seems to link both pictures.

Collector 12.25.2007
I remember an old method of espionage, try peeling the stamps of everything you have
received in relation to the MM. There might be something in there. I recall looking through
your pages today and seeing a stamp that looked as if something was behind it, or a line going
under it or something.

Also, remember a while back the e-mail about stamps and other collectables being used for
"laundering"? Well, I lost the book.. I will do my best to find it online or something. Maybe
I can get a scan of that little page I told you about. In the meantime, I will look for
similar links online and send them your way or through the clues.

Also, try steam, it takes care of the stamp stickiness. Be careful.

sjwk 01.10.2008
	Could the sunflower be a reference for one of: Fibonacci numbers, golden ratio or
Fermat's spiral? (given that the number and arrangement of seeds conform to those)

Also, I'm confused by the pages with cutouts.  Are the missing bits actually cut out or just
covered up?  Based on the ragged edges and torn corner, both seem to be of the different sides
of the same document, but that's not possible if the missing bits have been cut out since
they're not cut out from the other side...  

The zip code on the front of the form is 85701, middle of Tucson.

surgeon9371 01.06.2009
I have just read the rather interesting mystery and may shed some light on the 
medical picture although I'm not sure how it fits anything.

The picture is of the oral phase of swallowing (degluttition). A quick google 
search found the exact image at , which 
states it is taken from Swigert NB (2000) The Source for Dysphagia.

Dysphagia is dysfunctional swallowing but the diagrams show a normal swallow.	

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