Delivery to my office, 11.18.2003. Been a little busy so this is a week late.

Points of note - the gold coin is enclosed in what feels like a handmade box that is lined with financial market clippings.

And I give the pencil drawing of a horse an A+ for technique and style. :P

Delivery contents:

3 sheets of reimann zeta (as packing) from here.
3 sheets of PI (as packing) from here.
A small box [pic1] [pic2] [pic3], which contained the coin, below.
A gold coin, front
A gold coin, back
A black envelope - 'the usurper 11/22/63' - (date of kennedy assassination)
...which contained a well fargo deposit envelope
...which contained $4.55 in various coinage
This sheet.
A pencil drawing of a horse
Letter page 1
Letter page 2
Letter page 3
Letter page 4

Update 10.07.2006 - very large closeup shots of the box top

hance - re 'the usurper' - probably a reference to Lyndon Johnson - see this article: "While crediting Lyndon Johnson with getting important legislation through Congress, Ciruli said Kennedy supporters viewed LBJ as "the usurper," the man who stole the Kennedy White House. "
sjwk 11.29.2003
I'm no coin expert, but according to this page, the coin seems to be valued around the $191 mark.

As for the usurper, they've previously gone to great pains to explain that they in no way support JFK, so if they were that opposed to him, would they also refer to Johnson as the usurper?

Beacon 11.30.2003

clue: At least $175 worth of a coin AU-1883-S

"The Usurper"? Date Nov 22 1963 is the date of Huxleys death. It is also the date of JFK's assassination. Didn't JFK get elected by a minority? (i.e. a usurper of the Presidency)

Depending on the state it could be worth more:

The sheet (through continually summing digits) links the date on the Gold 5 dollar coin (1886)to the total sum of the other coins.

clue: RE the horse drawing. Its Greek to me. Exomen appears in several biblical texts. Romans 5:1 DIKAIWQENTES OUN EK PISTEWS EIRHNHN EXWMEN the W sounds like an omega Also Romans 15:4


clue: Brian, Re:
"One of our projects has reached critical mass and cannot be stopped by any mortal power."

So, either : 1) (some) of their opposition is not mortal, or 2) it won't hurt to tell us what they have accomplished here. (Ok, ok, I can imagine other legitimate reasons for not spilling the beans.)

Wouldn't hurt to ask.

The $4.55 tickled my brain about the P2 reference on , but that was 453, not 455. Still, it could be a reference to a different member of said lodge.

Also, is there anything of interest about the box? Could you get us a picture of it?

Kyle 12.04.2003
I noticed that every coin in the envelope has a Denver mint marking on it. Could this be harkening back to the Sept 26, 2002 ad? The coordinates there were "close to the Denver Mint," and today's also mentions The Aslyum Choir, as the 9/26/02 ad did.
U bud: 12.03.2003
Bro ah had to git dis cleared or woulda writ sooner.  De USURPER aint LBJ.  johnson-suckah
jes a common crook.  De USURPER mean dat PIG kennedy.  De only 1 outa 43 in succession.  1 in 43 do
dat mean somethun to Bry?  We talkin a liddle more now as 1 a R old horses finally start ta run.  Ah
do mean run.  Dat pope-luvin bastid kennedy had a bunch ta do wid de Founders a dis enterprIze. 
Some a dem weren't but 12 an 13 when de fine folk in BIG D git der act ta-getha and do wat shoulda
bin dun a Hell of alot soonah.  

Wat follow may be a mite gross fer a youngin like BDH but chaw on id afore U spitz dis out--when de
news from Dallas hit the airwave de Founders did not--N-O-T know each-otha.  Nevah met.  Some here
some der some bouncing aroun in fur-in parts but dey all start shoutin, singin fer joy, dancing de
_Ghillie Callum_ on deskz and tablez--U gits de pik-chuh.  Like 9 fuckin year latah 1 an den 2 an
den 3 an so fo'th happen into each-otha in a special place.  Old place fer dis countree, de light
comin' down true de late summer leaves, de light reflectin off dem old walls an folk younger dan Bry
iz now be talkin shit, comparin women dey knew otha placez--de usual chicken-shit-nothin' de fools
call Life.  DEN dey happen upon a deep fact--------each and ebby 1 a dem felt FREE when dat tool a
de Vatikan took a pop quiz.  De rest a dis iz becomin Historreee.

All dat a lot fer a young feller. Remembah, dem oldah membahz didn't hab' nuthin' ta do wid it, jes
glad ta be free a dah USURPER.

If ALL a dis too gross fer Bry jus' chalk id up ta some crazies temporarileee outa de asylum.  But
know dis Bro--der ain't chance. No accidentz.  Nevah.  It writ or it ain't.  We writ.

With the email that accompanied the code yesterday 03/12/03. The writer tells us that LBJ wasn't the usurper, but it was
Kennedy. To the best of my knowledge, Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic ever to take the office of the president. I think. I'll
look and get back to say for sure.

*next email*

Ok, i was correct, JFK was in fact the first Roman Catholic President. And from what the email coveys, this is the point
"they" were trying to make.

Eri: 12.21.2003
Regarding the letter, page 3, underlined phrase, "Many are called, but few are chosen." - This is Matthew
22:14. Amazingly,  in looking for this passage in my NRSV Bible, I opened to the *exact* page, hehe. Anyway, it's
the last sentence in the Parable of the Wedding Banquet.

Correction: the quote of Matthew 22:14 is not underlined but rather in quotation marks. Just a comment: I
think this letter is important, because they explain why they don't just spill out the whole story: "We have tried
to keep you out of their focus of interest, which explains why not as much has been explained as you would like."
Fair enough, I guess.

Beacon 12.15.2003
If The Pimp is to be believed regarding his recent post about "that PIG Kenndey" we can assume that at
least two of the Orphanages group are in their early fifties (52 or 53) since they were 12 or 13 when he was
assinated Pimp's "Big D" reference. It is also implied that the rest of the group are older.

Mason: 12.30.2003
If one subtracts the amount of coinage ($4.55) from the date of the assasination of Kennedy (1963), the resulting
number is 1518.  1518 is the date that the Catholic Church began an inquisition into Luther's teachings.  

See below:

March 26, 1518  The Disputation at Heidelberg begins  
Summer of 1518  The papal court begins an inquisition in Rome in response to Luther's ideas  
August 7, 1518  Luther is summoned to Rome to answer charges against him  
October 12, 1518  Luther begins his interview with Cardinal Cajetan in Augsburg in lieu of going to Rome  
October 14, 1518  Luther ends interview with Cajetan  
October 20, 1518  Luther flees from Augsburg  
October 30, 1518  Luther arrives back in Wittenberg and places himself under the protection of Elector Frederick III
("Frederick the Wise") of Saxony  
November 8, 1518  Pope Leo X issues Cum Postquam  
December 18, 1518  Luther is ready to go into exile but Frederick decides not to abandon him"  

Beacon: 01.07.2004
clue: RE the yellow sheet and the numbers on it:
Here is something on Fermat primes. Actually they aren't since (2 to the power of 64) plus 1 (2^64+1) isn't prime! [link]
There is also the relationship to the Reimann Zeta Function through the Euler's totient function i.e. the series 14,26,34,38,50

Nontotient A Positive Even value of for which , where is the Totient Function, has no solution. The first few are 14, 26, 34, 38, 50, You can get the first 30 terms here: [link]

Cush: 01.11.2004
I added the last two digits from the date of each penny ($.05=5) and each quarter ($.50=5) and then divided by 7.
Rounded off, the average was 86. 86=14=5

clue:  Re:

The pimp specifically notes the inside of the lid of the box as being relevant. Could you please get a pic up of that? -hance - will do

name:  Beacon

clue:  I sent you something about spot gold prices for 1982 some time ago. Are they listed on the inside of the lid?

name: Eri 

This is regarding the clue from "U Bud" to this page. I just googled Ghillie Callum, the dance mentioned in the
message. (I had never heard of it and was curious.) Here's a description of the Ghillie Callum Sword Dance:

A quote from the link:
Sword Dance "Ghillie Callum" is an ancient dance of war of the Scottish Gael.  It is said to date back to King Malcolm
Canmore.  Tradition says the original Ghillie Callum was a Celtic prince who was a hero of mortal combat against one
of MacBeth's chiefs at the Battle of Dunsinane in 1504.  He is said to have taken the chief's sword, crossed over it
with his own on the ground before him, and danced over them both in exultation.

bingbangbong: 06.24.2004
de pimp said:

Old place fer dis countree, de light
comin' down true de late summer leaves, de light reflectin off dem old walls an folk younger dan Bry
iz now be talkin shit...

The "Old place for dis countree" immediately struck me as Boston, specifically Harvard University.  'People younger than Bry', but
old enough to reminisce about women, are college-age.

So maybe they all met up at Harvard.  Hence all the references to Cambridge/Boston, esp. places around Harvard (e.g. the Foreign
Book store on Mt Auburn St in Cambridge, the Charles River Yacht club, etc).

Mike C 09.03.2004
The box is known as a band box. Here is a website with a little more to their story.
What is on the inside lid?

Juls 11.27.2004
Re. the 'Ghillie Callum' - the reference in the letter appears to be to the dance of that name but, the name comes
from the sept of the clan MacLeod, MacGilleChallum and the laird of Raasay was referred to as GilleCallum. MacGilleChallum
is the patronymic of the MacLeods of Raasay.  The name MacLeod has come up in a number of the ads, and other references
have pinpointed Raasay - I recall Dun Caan, the highest point on the island was referred to for one.

Juls: 12.08.2004
Further to what I found relating to the coin delivered 10.1.04 and Beacon's clues, I took a closer look at the coin here. 
The gold coin in this delivery is an American coin dated 1886 but the card to which it is attached carried has "Au" and "1886-5"
written on it - Au might be taken as being the scientific shorthand for gold, but it is also often used as an abbreviation for
'Australia' - now something did happen in Australia in 1886 concerning gold - South Australia experienced a gold rush, more here:

Gold was found in Western Australia and Tasmania in 1886, also in this same year, an Australian, George Harrison, and an
Englishman, George Walker, discovered huge gold reefs in the Witwatesrand basin of South Africa - "Production was lifted on to an
even higher plane in 1886 with the discovery of the huge gold reefs in the Witwatesrand Basin of South Africa. Gold had first been
found in eastern Transvaal in 1873, but the outset it was obvious that the Witwatersrand deposits were of a completely different
order. South Africa ousted the United States as the world's premier producer in 1898, a position it has held almost continuously
ever since."

So, I would guess that one reason for the coins like this that they send may be to indicate that studying and watching gold prices
and such like financial / trading stuff is of some importance to figuring out what they're doing - perhaps - certainly would tally
with the financial theme that crops up, and the stuff lining the box. 

clue:  Just a little more on the Australian gold discoveries:
When Charles Hall and John Slattery announced their find to the world in September 1885, they undoubtedly started Western
Australia's first great gold rush. Certainly, it excited official minds with the Governor reporting to London in April 1886 that he
'need not comment on the great importance and significance' of the discoveries and that he expected the population of the
Kimberleys to number several thousands in a few weeks... more on link below.

I wouldn't place TOO much significance on this, probably just has a general significance such like I already suggested - watch the
market for gold - although, the "Ord River" is mentioned on the above page and I'm pretty sure that's come up somewhere in the
announcements or deliveries, it rings a bell, probably be hell to track down. 

Juls 03.30.2005
The German on "this sheet" reads "So little of the future one knows, so certain is it, that ..."

The Greek on the horse pic is "TREXOMEN" - it means "RUN" (basically, what the horse is doing!)-

Juls 07.29.2005
clue:  Umm.. Kennedy Gold Mine?

"The Kennedy Mine, famous for being one of the deepest gold mines in the world (at 5912 feet), demonstrates 
how gold changed an entire way of life in California. Although gold was known to be present and was mined 
by the Spanish and Mexicans, the California Gold Rush did not begin until after James Marshall's discovery 
of gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848. Between 1848 and 1858, California exploded from being a largely unpopulated 
agrarian state into a vital, fast growing and exciting part of the United States. 
Prospected in 1860, reorganized in *1886* and continuously run until 1942, the Kennedy Gold Mine produced 
approximately $34,280,000 in gold according to the CA Dept. of Conservation.. 

..On the Kennedy Gold Mine surface tour, visitors see the mine office building where gold flakes were 
melted into large bricks to ship by Wells Fargo to San Francisco..."

Anonymous Coward 10.19.2005
Whoever wrote the yellow sheet either doesn't know his math or is native to a non-English speaking country. The 14 statement
is incomprehensible as written; I'd be more inclined to say "14 is the smallest number n with the property that that no number is
relatively prime to (exactly) n smaller numbers".

Juls 12/20/2005
clue:  Re Anonymous Coward's clue - I disagree - I understood their statement perfectly, it is far
from incomprehensible - and I haven't studied that much in the way of Maths because I missed a lot
of high school through illness.  Btw, not all English-speakers are American and some of us are
actually English - some of the things we say here would be pretty incomprehensible to an American,
so - I mean no offense but I don't think that you can really make such a sweeping statement about
English-speakers in any case.

anonymous 09.15.2006
A subsequent message from U Bud indicated that the inside lid of the box was also of interest--- any pictures of that

10.07.2006 - bhance - I *finnally* took an hour this weekend digging through the boxes, located the box top, and posted photos to this page. See above, under 'Update 10.07.2006 - closeup shots of the box top'
Brian 05.22.2008
The coin is a 1886-S Liberty Head Half Eagle

First off AU is a grading term meaning About Uncirculated. S is the mintmark for
San Francisco. Christian Gobrecht designed the coin. It weighs 8.359 grams
composed of 90% gold, 10% copper. Your coin has a net weight of .24187oz of pure
gold. As of 2008 its worth about $240

It's hard to tell from the pic, but that 1982-D quarter might be a
doubled-die. If it is, it's worth a !@$% ton more than 25 cents. I'd take it to
a coin shop or a numismatically inclined friend.

sauceykat 06.15.2008
Bryan, the pimp says that the INSIDE of the lid is what's
important...maybe you should dissect it and see what's on the other side of the
financial chart on the lid?	

bdh: I'm attempting to locate the box again to give it a 2nd once-over
Seth 01.24.2008
In the pimps email he said founders meet about 9 years after jfk was shot. 
He was shot in 1963 so they meet in 1972. also he said they were around 12 
or 13 when kennedy was killed so they were 21 or 22 when they meet.	

s_loco 12/18/2009
The financial graph on the box top is a 3-month graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 
with the last reading from Nov 15, 1981. So the paper was probably the Nov 16, 1981 issue.

Here's the process I went through to track it down:

- First, I though of checking gold spot prices because of the emphasis they were putting on 
gold in their packages sent to you.

- When I saw that gold first broke $950 around 2007, I thought "ZOMG! They have a time
 machine and this is a 2007 paper they sent in 2003!" but of course the gold prices didn't
  match. :)
- Looking at the graph, it's obviously printed fairly large. The only graph that would 
deserve such a large spot in a paper would have to be the DJIA or Nasdaq.

- The vertical hatches are obviously weeks, with 5 days of market trading each.

- I checked the DJIA records on and saw that the DJIA had 
few drops from 920 to 820. The possible range was from 1977 to 1982.

- Google gives you end-of-week readings in that range and I finally found some that 
matched that last reading in each 5-reading week segment.

1981 Aug 21 - 920.57
1981 Aug 28 - 892.22
1981 Sep 04 - 861.68
1981 Sep 11 - 872.81
1981 Sep 18 - 836.19
1981 Sep 25 - 824.01
1981 Oct 02 - 860.73
1981 Oct 09 - 873.00
1981 Oct 16 - 851.69
1981 Oct 23 - 837.99
1981 Oct 30 - 852.55
1981 Nov 06 - 852.45
1981 Nov 13 - 855.88
1981 Nov 20 - 852.93 (Past the end of the graph)

Pretty much an exact match. I'm not sure how many papers include an entire 3-month DJIA graph: 
it's probably a Wall Street Journal or a major regional paper.

bhance - man - nice detective work! :)

cman 02/04/2013
Hi Bryan,

Just a thought:

noticed sauceykat mentioned the same thing.

"U BUD" mentions specifically the INSIDE of the lid...what's BEHIND the lid.  Looking at the 
pictures it appears there might actually be something inside it?  As in: take the lid itself 
apart (remove the financial paper backing on the inside of the lid) to see if anything is 
hidden behind it.  If you've already looked into this and nothing turned up...oh well.

Just trying to think "outside the box".	

Kevin 02/11/2013

Comments: The so-called "weird little design, cut in pattern" is a visual representation of the use of the mathematical 
symbol for phi, a transcendental number: 1.6180339887498... the Fibonacci number, often called phi or , was described 
by Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) as one of the "two great treasures of geometry."   (The other is the Theorem of Pythagoras.)
It's just a simple series of numbers discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci that defines the ratio of the Golden Section and
 Divine Proportion.
The ratio of each successive pair of numbers in the series quickly converges on 1.61804. . . , as 5 divided by 3 
is 1.666..., and 8 divided by 5 is 1.60.
Represented visually by the design.
This universal constant is reflected in all of nature's patterns. Sacred art and architecture all over the world 
apply it as the golden ratio, 1:1.618 or 2:3:5, monumentally seen in the design of the Great Pyramid corresponding 
to the angular inclination of standing waves resonating within its stones.
Square phi and you get a number exactly 1 greater than phi, 2.61804...:
2 =  +1
Divide phi into 1 and you get a number exactly 1 less than phi, 0.61804...:
1 /  =  - 1
Take the square root of 5, add 1 and then divide by 2, and you also get phi.
( 51/2 + 1 ) / 2 = 
Which can also be expressed all in fives as:
5 ^ .5 * .5 + .5 = 
Alexander Putney's Magnetic Resonance maps define the phi-ordered global distribution pattern of the world's 
pyramids as a precise expression of the quadratic function [ zn+1 = zn2 ]. This nonlinear fractal encodes 
Earth's deep infrasound resonance as symbolized by the Sanskrit mandala, a square within a circle. 
Representing the sacred vital force of consciousness, this mandala is found in Egyptian temples as the
Rose Cross, in megalithic stone circles as the Celtic Cross, in Buddhist temples as the Kalachakra or 
'Wheel of Time' and in Mayan temples as a symbol of Hunab K'u, the Universal Creator.

The nonlinear alignment of the world's sacred sites to the Great Pyramid reveals their collective function 
as an infrasound wireless network synchronized to the 1.45 Hz frequency of the human heartbeat. The Sanskrit 
third-eye represents kundalini activation of the pineal gland -the ajna chakra at the center of the 
brain- containing calcite microcrystals that transduce the infrasound resonance of the calcite pyramid stones.

This profound holographic knowledge is encoded in ancient Altantean quantum maps inlaid with calcite
 geometric patterns that fluoresce under ultraviolet light, displaying standing wave resonance at 
 subatomic, molecular and planetary scales. Sacred water springs flowing from ancient Sanskrit sites 
 crystallize the body and generate HHO plasma in the pyramid chambers, where waterbirthing practices
  affect DNA enhancement, endowing the advanced states of synesthetic consciousness to which indigenous 
  wisdom-keepers have remained keenly attuned.	
Comments: Of additional note about the Fibonacci number and the spiral.

The DNA molecule, the program for all life, is based on the golden section.  It measures 34 angstroms long
 by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double helix spiral.
34 and 21, of course, are numbers in the Fibonacci series and their ratio, 1.6190476 closely
approximates phi, 1.6180339.

The average of the mean orbital distances of each successive planet expressed in relation to the
 one before it approximates phi.
Plants illustrate the Fibonacci series in the numbers and arrangements of petals, leaves, sections 
and seeds.

The Fibonacci series appears in the foundation of many other aspects of art, beauty and life.
 Even music has a foundation in the series, as 13 notes make the octave of 8 notes in a scale, of 
 which the 1st, 3rd, and 5th notes create the basic foundation of all chords, and the whole tone is 2 
 steps from the root tone.
Any sign that would prove the existence of another intelligence must have a pattern or sequence 
that could not be the result of natural processes.

    Phi's unique mathematical qualities are inherent, but what is the likelihood that creation
     could be based on this number by chance?
The Fibonacci number, phi, is more than a mathematical curiosity. It is one of the most amazing 
and pervasive numbers known to man.  This, above all numbers, would be a perfect sign to tell 
us that creation is not just the result of random processes.

Might this number be intriguing and beautiful to a mind of advanced intellect, to the mind of God?

It is a perfect way to not only demonstrate that there is design in the universe, but to assure its unity.

Stephan 02/14/2018
Comments: the german quote on the sheet So wenig man von der Zukunft weiss, so sicher ist es, dass...

I think it is from the book entitled Jahre der Entscheidung(years of decision) by Oswald Spengler

"As little as one can know about the events of the future, nevertheless it is certain that the powers which move the 
future are none other than those which moved the past: the will of the stronger, healthy instincts, race, the desire 
for property and power: and over them the dreams which will forever remain dreams swing ineffective: justice, happiness and peace."

Oswald Spengler is best known for his book "Der Untergang des Abendlandes" (The decline of the west) and his cyclical theory of history.

I think Spengler is right about cycles and laws of nature governing history.

It is like stock market cycles. (J.M. Hurst is a good read about the cyclical analysis of the stock market)

By the way: Oswald Spengler went to the same high school as I

Stephan 03/05/2018
	(Webmaster's note: some of the mathematical symbols here are garbled due to copy/paste of special chars. Will try and fix this later)	
In one of their first emails the freaks wrote: "Think, dude: "Why is Riemann famous?"

He is famous because of the Riemann Hypothesis.

Some numbers have the special property that they cannot be expressed as the product of two smaller numbers, e.g., 2, 3, 5, 7, etc. Such numbers are called PRIME NUMBERS, and they play an important role, both in pure mathematics and its applications.

The DISTRIBUTION of such prime numbers among all natural numbers does not follow any regular pattern.

However, the German mathematician RIEMANN (1826 - 1866) observed that the frequency of prime numbers is very closely related to the behavior of an elaborate function

    ?(s) = 1 + 1/2s + 1/3s + 1/4s + ...

called the Riemann Zeta function.

The Riemann hypothesis asserts that all interesting solutions of the equation

    ?(s) = 0

lie on a certain vertical straight line.

This has been checked for the first 10,000,000,000,000 solutions. A proof that it is true for every interesting solution would shed light on many of the MYSTERIES surrounding the distribution of prime numbers.

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