Delivery to my PO Box ~11.13.2008, posted a bit late, as always.

Contents: an unmarked CD with a single track on it. Haven't ID'd the track yet.

Delivery contents:

Track 1 - 24 meg WAV file (smaller mp3 version)

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Steve 12/16/2008
	could it be that the track is playing backwards? or maybe multiple layers?

Don 12/18.2008
	the iPhone app. shazam is amazing.  It identified the track as 'Greenewich' from the album 'southern journey volume 9'.

bhance: for those wondering - 'Shazam' is an iPhone app that uses sonic fingerprinting to ID songs.
jackalya 12/30.2008
	I don't know if it helps, but my father identified the track as 'Sacred Harp'. Good Luck!

Beacon 01.01.2009
I don't speak Finnish but the music certainly sounds like gospel. I would suggest it is from Finlandia the tone poem by Sibelius.
It sounds very like "be still my soul" in style and Sibelius fits in with the whole Lutheran theme.

XIII 01.01.2009
if it helps at all, gracenotes autotags the song as:

Greenwich - Alabama Sacred Harp Convention
its from 1977, and composed by Daniel Read.

argon 01.26.2008
The song is shapenote music.  The first part of the song you hear is them 
singing the notes (fa, so, la, etc.) and  then it goes into words.  
Does anyone know anything about shapenotes?  Maybe there is a code 
in the notes.

Don 01.06.2009
  I think that the song might be referencing the book 
  A sermon preached at the court at Greenewich the XXIIII. of May, 1591 by Geruase Babington.,  I have been trying to find a summary or 
  abstract about the book so I still don't know what it is about maybe the orphange can 
  enlight us a little?	

tristan 07.21.09
This is "greenwich" from the album "southern journey volume 9"

Southern Journey, Vol. 9: Harp Of A Thousand Strings - All Day Singing From The Sacred Harp

Can be listened to on here