Letter contents: Letter sent to my PO box, ~10.15.2007 (posted 11.01.2007)

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dthomasson / 11.04.2007

See my observations about the PI Search results for the number 16302007 found in "items" from the 10.15.2007 delivery.


Also, for the graphics shown in "page 1" and "page 2" concerning aerodynamic turbulence, research 120mm propeller blades.

10/31/07 is also the 490th Ann. of the 95 theses.

opaleg 11.23.2007
 The post at borderschess seems to mention bringing order to chaos.

Chaos is natural. "Pi" is so abtract because there is no way to absolutely 
"put a finger on it". The spaces create the design because humans always 
look for patterns. Lines are added later, like the archer that paints a 
bullseye around the arrow.

I feel that certain people involved would find "strong emotions" rising 
from reading this, regardless of its relevance to the mystery.

Brian 05.21.2008
The mark is the hebrew letter Tzaddik. 

The word Tzaddik also refers to a special kind of righteous person.

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