Delivery to my office 10.01.2004. Busy as usual, posted way late, no time to post blah blah blah blah. But I'm working on it.

Box contains a wide mix of stuff - two ziploc bags with various pages in them, a "Luther Calendar" cardboard box which contained a small red velvet bag, which contained a solid gold Krugerrand. Package also included an audio tape, and (not making this up) a box containing a large blue knit doily-sort-of-thing in a spiral pattern.

Delivery contents:

Bag 1 - cutout shape
Bag 2, Page 1 - sun tzu quote
Bag 2, Page 2 - Wells Fargo
Bag 2, Page 3 - Boat at sunset
Bag 2, Page 4 - Color copies of calendar days
Bag 2, Page 5 - Sept 17
Bag 2, Page 6 - Dec 10
Bag 2, Page 7 - Spiral Galazy M91 (From here)
"The Luther Bible" Box - front
"The Luther Bible" Box - back
Box contained a red velvet bag...
.. which contained a gold krugerrand (front)
Krugerrand back
An Audio tape

Audio from tape
Photo of blue doily thing

Beacon - 10.14.2004


The Krugerrand gets its name from the fact that the obverse, or "heads" side of the coin, shows the face of Paul Kruger,
president of the old South African Republic. The reverse, or "tails" side, depicts a springbok antelope, a national symbol of
South Africa. The name "South Africa" and the gold content are printed in both Afrikaans and English.

Thats a 420 dollar coin. Nice! Make sure it is real. Weigh it on an accurate scale.

If Bush gets reelected and keeps the oil prices rising with the War while he taxes you more you can only expect the value to

a lot of earlier themes repeated Wells Fargo, coins and gold. The bible. I wondr of the claendar dates refer to bible verses or
vice versa. 

Astronomical references. heres a history and a lot more on M91.

Click on the M91 link under spiral galaxies

Beacon - 10.15.2004
Galaxy M91 a barred spiral in the Virgo cluster.
right ascention 12 hours 35.4 minutes Declination 14.5 degrees. the M in the catalogue refers to Messier.

Until recently, this galaxy had been missing. Messier's notes had given the wrong position for this object. An amateur
astronomer from Texas finally figured out its true location in 1969. 
A link to the Sin tSu quotation "if capable appear incapable"? Maybe not.

Beacon 10.15.2004
 RE the tape: I suggest the link between the lace pattern and the Galaxy is Fractals. But why bother sending you all this
crap? Why not just say "try fractals Brian"?
The voice also seems to dis the idea of Monte Carlo Simulations having anything to do withe the numbers. She also suggests that
earlier ads don't connect to later ones. Why then one might ask do later ads refer to earlier ones?
there is also reference to many 2004 dates. I assume this is in the delivery. The calendar maybe?

Bioeng 10.15.2004
Bryan -Thought I might offer the following

Bag 1
The cutout shape items are based on a package sent by air from Australia. See the following for a picture of ID and some other
of the other items.

Also Googled from another Internet Newsletter "I walk out, to the post office. And get my gift a package, and go to get it
weighed. They ask for my driver's license and address, and ask me to fill out a customs declaration. They type my details into a
computer, and they write the details on the customs sheet they keep half of. They stick onto the package a large fluro orange
sticker saying "I.D. RECORDED".

Bag 2 Page 1 Sun Tzo quote
Might refer to person associated with the MDM who in the past has been described as "eccentric" and this is his rebuttal. - Or
just a reference to China.

Bag 2 Page 2
Reference to the bank? or to the WF headquarters in San Francisco? WF is at the Presidio which has been referred to in previous

Bag 2 Page 3
Looks like the 4-masted schooner ^”Margaret Todd^‘ docked at Bar Harbor, Maine.

Bag 2, Page 7 Spiral Galaxy M91

The site that BH refers to has all the information but is in a different format. It doesn't appear to me as if the page was
copied from this internet entry but vice versa. This spiral galaxy is known as having a diagonal in it. I think that this
appeals to this person/s theme throughout the texts - there are constants in the universe whether it be prime numbers, perfect
numbers, pi, traveling salesman constants, Fibonaccian Golden Section (Mean) or Mersenne numbers as seen in various Mayday
texts. Here, if I am right, M91 is a galaxy that illustrates the prime number spiral. The spiral can be created when numbers
from 1 to n are put in squares spiraling outward, many of the primes then form diagonals. In this person/s mind, I think this
represents one manifestation of the prime order of the universe. Does this person/s see this in the religious and historical

The various clues from Bar Harbor, SF, China?, and Australia might be souvenirs from his/their "summer tour".

The Krugerrand's date of 1980 is suspiciously close to the start of the Maydaymystery and may represent the person/s entry into
the U of A.  The fact that it is South African is no doubt not a coincidence based on all the Afrikaans, particularly the
background of on May 1, 2002 of a Afrikaans bible segment. I think there is an emeritus or transferred prof from U of A that
might fit this connection. 

bob 10.16.2004
In light of the "culture war" comment on the tape, interesting thread at Mefi:

You will be conquered by Stealth and Deception : in the swift advance of a long-planned coup against secular society, to launch
an American theocracy, "the Dominionists are succeeding in their quest for national control and world power" - Kathleen Yurica,
founder of the Yurica Report which, like Theocracy Watch, monitors the American religious right writes "Since the writing and
posting of my essay, The Despoiling of America in February 2004, there is more and more evidence that not only has a cultural
war been launched, but that the plotters are winning it ... First the hard right dominionists took over the Southern Baptist
Convention with its 16 million members and a fortune in corporate businesses. Then they took over the Republican Party...they
are moving to limit the power of the Supreme Court. Now there is evidence dominionists are trying to take over the U. S.

....Americans and the mainstream media have been very slow in catching on to the fact that we are in a war - a war that is
cultural, religious and political, a war that uses stealth and deception and the rules of engagement written by the enemies to
representative democracy. Unless Americans wake up, we could lose that war."

posted by troutfishing at 4:00 PM PST - 66 comments

bhance: metafilter thread is here

tanner 10.17.2004

a great number of the coordinates given in the ads have come up as south africa.

spirals feature prominently in this delivery. the galaxy, and the doily. the speaker on the tape seems to want us to believe
that the spiral is the key to unravelling the mystery of the ads.

again, a sense of upcoming conflict over religion vs. secularism. more and more it seems like they're actually capable of more
than just puzzles and rhetoric.

my current theory: the orphanage, and its many sub-divisions, are a secret order of people, mainly scientists, who have
discovered time travel and have gone back in time to confirm that the stories of the bible were true. they are now using their
knowledge of the past and future to enact a campaign of conversion, in which everyone will accept christianity or die.

"It will be as if time were rolled into a ball."

now who's the wacko, eh? :-)

bhance: No offense, but its time to put the Mystery down and go outside for a while, man. :) Take a walk, read a book.

sjwk 10.19.2004
the blue doily makes me think of either a whirlpool, or even more, a blackhole.  It has a spiral in towards the center,
and the rest of it makes me think of an accretion disk half way out, and the event horizon around the edge.  Outside the
'accretion disk' there's what looks like wave interference disturbing the spiral though.

near a terminal 10.20.2004
clue:  How big is the blue thing?  Does anybody recognize the pattern?  One internal connection is obviously the Twelve Apostles
Rocks on the Australian stamp and the two apostles on the calendar pages.  I keep remembering that three points determine a
Euclidean plane so there is probably a third apostle indirectly mentioned in some way.

leakingpen 10.21.2004
good to hear from you again.  so, no calls from them?  and ill listen to the audio when i get home.  might be a good idea
to get your hands on the whole calendar.  might be part of the whole shared source decoding scheme weve all mentioned.  some of
th edays may also coordinate with the august transmission.  the sun tzu quote ties in with the biblical quote on the unscheduled
transmission, as well as the pimps comments.  the picture is of a stage, and wells current slogan is , let us take you to the
next stage, which is synonomous with level.  you may be close.

the ship, appears to be about half way between high and low tide, sheets fully furled.  light wind, based on the pennons.  its a
ship thats not going anywhere anytime soon.  its a four master, which is odd for its apparent size.  will try to id ship and
dock, thought probably not important. the doily is a fractal, a repeating structure based on a mathematical equation.  i think
weve discussed fractals here before.  

the galaxy pic, is, i think, important for WHERE it was taken.  kitt peak, here in az.

the four days together...  two images of apostles writing, two of the gospels in fact, two images from the revelations of st
john the stoned, the ten horned beast, and the 4 horseman of the apocolypse, both symbols of the endtimes, one small part of the
book.  in particular, pestilance, after the jet engine clue from a while back.  im REALLY not liking the implications.

the cutout bag, the cutout part is identifiying, hence its removal.  whats the postmark?  i cant tell.

also, the kruggerand is an 80, which is the year they introduced the half quarter and tenth ounce size,  which is this one? it
looks like it says 1 oz, but the word in front may be modifying that.  that makes it anywhere from a 40 dollar to roughly 400
dollar coin.

Magdalena Manima 10.22.02004
clue:  First of all, the pun on Wells Fargo's slogan is priceless: "The Next Stage." It most certainly is the next stage,
judging from the previous quality of communications.

I would also point to the fact that the "doily" could also be seen as a mandala. Obviously, since the weaving and the galaxy are
one, there's a message to seek wisdom and enlightenment through the contemplation of the universe.

The Luther calendar pictures are slightly disturbing. For one, the Whore of Babylon image is also sourced in Arturo
Perez-Reverte's novel "The Club Dumas" about a secret society that gathers regularly, and is well known for its knowledge of
classical literature. The hero, Corso, deciphers unmatched bookplates, and so on. However, from the religious overtones of the
audio message, as well as MayDay's preocupation with Protestant history and themes, I sincerely doubt that these people (unlike
Reverte's villain) are out to raise Satan.

The pictures are disturbing for an entirely other reason. The top two focus on two images of a reader receiving the Holy Spirit
as they ingest information, anthropomorphized in this case by the popular dove image. (See also: albatross, "The Rime of the
Ancient Mariner." You may find this to be metaphoric of your own quest.) However, the reader is replaced by the Whore of
Babylon, a character out of the Revelation of John, as I'm sure you know. There is much contention in the scholarly world about
who and what that Whore means, especially given the fact that the AD 70 publication of the original manuscript was intended for
Hellenistic Jews fleeing Nero. Could it be a metaphor for W's America? Or is it a statement of your and your "compadres" hubris?
This is an important question to answer, because the fourth panel is death.  I may be misremembering, but it looks like
Bruehler's print of Death during the Plague.  (See also: Don DeLillo's novel "Underworld.")

Another theme that is easy to read out of this transmission is that of east vs. or east -meets- west. Sun Tzu suggests the east,
obviously, but the setting sun, and the Wells Fargo message, suggest the west. Is this to be taken as a hopeful indication of
MayDay's dominance worldwide? It's obvious after the voice message that some kind of power is being hinted at. Now, an "obvious
hint" isn't much to go on, but it's all you've been given.

At any rate, I hope you are well, and not too scared.

kathy 10.23.2004

See: Nicholas Flamel, see also his drawings.

Lamont Cranston 10.24.2004

That box ('PostPak'), and stamps are from Australia! Although it looked like it was a forign language version [look at
printed text under green & black strip at lower centre], also I'm pretty sure that the horse carridge picture is from the
small-city/large town of Bendigo in the state of Victoria - they maintain a very extensive 19th century gold-rush era town and
horse&carriges are always traveling around it and the surrounding bushland. This all rather gives the location of sender away
just a little bit. Being from Australia myself, if you have any queries feel free to ask.

Igor 10.27.2004
I believe Bag2 Page3 is a picture from Bar Harbor, Maine.  The geography dictates that the picture is either
taken at sunrise or manipulated to look like sunset.  (A postcard?)

The picture shows Schoodic penninsula on the horizon to the right, which may or may not contain a navy security /
crypto / communications base.  Much interesting history around the area, do a search.

 Many cruise ships stop in Bar Harbor in the fall, a good chance to send a postcard.

Beacon 10.31.2004
Wells fargo history @

Steve B 11.2.2004
I am not sure this has any relevence but Sun Tzu was also an early (500 B.C.) cryptographer. He limited the
cryptography to 40 elements and assigned them to the first 40 charaters of a poem to create a substitution table. Using the
message and the calendar dates in this regard, no particular or meaningful message was decoded unless the result is then
used as a key word in an additional cipher. 

EriL 11.13.2004
This is a clue about the email message you received on October 1. I posted on the Fortean Times message board and
then realized that I should send it to you. Sorry about that - it's just that I love to bump the thread just when everybody
else on the board thinks we've finally given up! :D

Here's a definition of smoke-filled rooms from

 smoke-filled room -

 A popular expression used to describe a place where the political wheeling and dealing of machine bosses (see machine
politics) is conducted. The image originated during the Republican presidential nominating convention of 1920, in which
Warren G. Harding emerged as a dark horse candidate.

Here's what the email message says (about the doily that came in the latest package.)

    quote:"Cuz it passt thru 2 smoke-filled roomz. Ha Ha Ha--joke and reality, all in 1. yeah id bin drenched wid tobaccee
fume twict and id bin in de smoke-filled roomz    twict--otha meanin." 

It seems pretty clear to me that this person is claiming that the doily was passed through a room in which there was a lot
of political "wheeling and dealing" going on. 

I just want to say that I've been busy too, and I can't imagine having a site like this to maintain! :)

Tripp 11.15.2004
Just to add a little more spice to the thread.  How about if the point of the 4 masted schooner picture isn't the
boat, but the body of water?  I think we can definitively say that picture is from Frenchman Bay (the island configuration
is too close to other pictures I've seen to be wrong).

So how bout this little historical tid-bit on Frenchman Bay:
German Espionage and Sabotage Against the U. S. in World War II: Eastern Sea Frontier War Diary Account of German Agents
Landing.  Just to add a little "Ze Germans Are Comink To Get Us!" zest to the thread.

leakingpen 10.17.2004
hey bry, i dunno.  my first thought has always been time travel.  its insane, and not likely, but the directions
given in a few announcements could easily be construed that way.  as much as they say they arent occultists/metaphysicians
the latest brobry message seems very much to the occult side of things.  i know your busy, but maybe taking a few pics of
the doily on a few solid color surfaces?  also, place it over the big blocked ad from earlier this year.  who know.  havent
heard the mp3 yet, keep meaning to dl it at home.  but seriously, dimension, vibration, he may be being metaphorical, may
not.  smoke filled room is an uncommon to current but common to old occult theme.  the smoke filled room has been
represented as both an interior chamber, where the smoke of your own misunderstandings makes it hard to see, and its also
an outside place, a metaphor for a the space between this world and that, a sorta planes or dimensional barrier reference. 
its also a purgatory reference.


on the doily.  lets look at it numerically.  (levels, remember the levels.  if its a key, its a key in DIFFERENT ways)  i
cut it from the background and pasted it on white (thank gawd for pshop and the smart select tool.)

single center dot.  from the single center dot, 7 lines spiralling out, of 7 dots each. (the single center dot being a
shared 8th)  these tie to 7 equilateral triangles, of 7 dots on each side...  so each has 27 dots.  3 cubed.  

beneath that, there are either 3 larger dots under each triangle, with a shared dot between each (the appearnce of some
having 3 and some 4 is due to both the nature of handworked knitting, and the way the doily is stretched in the photo) or
in fact a pattern of 3 and 4, i cant tell.  if the latter, its the only point of non symetry.  there is a total of 28.
which is 4 times seven.    beneath those is a set of triangles, 2 for each, also made by 7 dots to a side.  so 14 of those.
each of those 14 has two more triangles beneath it.  at first glance, the next layer out is different, being triangles with
a base of 9 and a cut off top, making a top of three, but count the actual number of rows in the cut off triangle.  7. 
although, the bottom row seems to allmost always be missing the bottom clockwise spot.  then, the last triangle.  11 at the
bottom, 5 at top.  7 rows.  but still missing a spot in the same spot.  teh main cord around the end passes through 6
spaces per row, 14 rows, so 84.  which is, btw, 12 times...  7.  i know, im really reaching there.  but thats my point. 
you can create 7 from every concept of this thing.  which means one thing.  7 is a red herring.  weve found it, now toss


okay, ive listened to the tape.  shes acting nuts.  its all part of the samuel spell.  i love the line, we use what works. 
and most of what they see is invisible.  i swear.  im in a scifi novel.  and loving EVERY minute of it.   okay, a link
betwwen the doily and the galaxy.  looking BEYOND the obvious of the spirals.  m91 is a BARRED spiral, which was seperated
by hubble from regular spirals, like the milky way.  it spirals not from a center, like the doily, but from a bar of stars
that passes through the center.  hence the wide seperate arms on the outside.  the mathematics are different, and that the
orphanage would compare the two...  its very interesting.  i thought of making a spiral from the bar through the mayday
communication, but that doesnt seem to do anything.    

the culture war... the thing to realize is that its a three front war.  most think its a two front war, between the so
called intellectual elite, and the "unwashed masses"  but thats not really true.  theres a third side.  an intellectual
elite that wants to keep the masses unwashed.  i get teh feeling the orphanage is not on the same side as i am.  ahh well.  

btw, if anyone wants to discuss anything with me, i tried making an email group, but noone joined.  feel free to email me
at the_leaking_pen at yahoo you know what com.  toss mayday in the subject so the spam filter dont grab it.

Juls 11.28.2004
Hi Bryan :)

Re. the 'Bible box' - why send you the box?  Well, one reason might be because the publishers website URL is on the back - - and if we go there we can see that one of their new titles is 'The Luther Bible of 1534'.  The calendar
looks as though it's linked with this publication, the Bible itself is illustrated similarly to judge from the piccies on
the website - "TASCHEN's complete Luther Bible has been meticulously reproduced from a rare colored copy of the original." 
The website tells us that "In commemoration of Year of the Bible (2003), TASCHEN is publishing a sumptuous reprint of this
seminal book."  I suspect that this publication is one of the things that the clues are intended to highlight - I guess as
a clue it could be interpreted as alluding to some kind of revival or renewal.  Here's the url for the relevant page on
Taschen's website - I haven't found anything on the calendar, but I would guess that they produced that also:

clue:  (I see I made a right mess of the Bible box clue earlier - that'll teach me to rely on my memory of what I was
looking at late last night lol - yeah, the box was for the calendar itself and therefore that was obviously is published by
Taschen duh! oh well..)

Ok, I figured I'd do what I guess most of the others have already done and look up the dates as if they were Bible verses -
it doesn't seem to really help much and falls down on the verses from revelation as chapter 10 only has 11 verses.  I also
tried reversing the numbers given by the dates but that doesn't seem much use either.  Anyway, for the first two I turned
to the gospels of Mark and Matthew as indicated by the illustrations, here's what I got using both methods:

Mark 9:21
And he asked his father, How long is it ago since this came unto him? And he
said, Of a child.

Mark 12:9
What shall therefore the lord of the vineyard do? he will come and destroy
the husbandmen, and will give the vineyard unto others.

Matthew 9:17
Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and
the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new
bottles, and both are preserved.

Matthew 7:19
Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Could probably play around with this a bit more but I'm beginning to think it's probably too obvious a solution to be the
correct one.

Re. the gold Krugerrand date 1980.  I don't know if this is of any significance or not but it appears that the price
of gold was at an historical high in 1980, as was the price of silver and platinum.  "Gold price peaks at a historic daily
high of $850 per ounce on January 21, IMF completes 5-year gold sales program" - check out the graphs on this site:

Beacon 10.06.2004
Link: Between Juls comment on gold and past delivery 18 Nov 2003. You got a gold coin then also. In a box. the box
was lined with the financial times. the lid contained the gold Prices from 1982 I think. Look at the Precious metals on the
lid. what year are they from? You had a message drawing atention to the lid of the box if i recall correctly. I did point
out to you at the time that it was a peak in commodity prices.

Another idea occured about the discussion of smoke filled rooms and the doily. Did "smoke chambers" preceed "cloud
chambers" or could one be construed as the other? A cloud chamber is used in physics to detect the path of particles.

No one important 12.17.2004
Re: knitted pattern, see

Mathematicians crochet chaos

Mathematicians have made a crochet model of chaos ...

Juls 01.11.2004
I was just browsing the news when I came across the following current item about Wells Fargo - I am becoming increasingly
convinced that, if these guys are really up to *anything* in the physical world, then they may be involved somehow in the financial
sector - so I'm posting this and maybe folk could have a look and figure out if there is any link. (short extract only - please see
url for full item) "Shares in UK banking group Barclays rose on Monday following a weekend press report that it had held merger
talks with US bank Wells Fargo. 
A tie-up between Barclays and California-based Wells Fargo would create the world's fourth biggest bank, valued at $180bn (£96bn). 

Barclays has declined to comment on the report in the Sunday Express, saying it does not respond to market speculation. 

The two banks reportedly held talks in October and November 2004."

leakingpen 10.18.2005
clue:  hmm...  price of gold peaked.  right about the time the orphanage started their transmissions.  (incidently, year i was
born.  hehe.)  one has to wonder, was the price of gold influenced by them?  i'm trying to find why the sudden rise, then decline,
but this website

shows an 8 year pattern of lows, with a 3-4 year rise before slow decent.  we are heading towards the next peak now.  

hmm, looking around, there has been a shortage of supply since 80, but price drops.  wierd, but lots of reasons.  

ahh well.  

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