Another letter to my office, 09.23.2003.

Apparently They are a Little Sensitive about Their Accents...

Envelope contents:

another envelope, containing a tape
an mp3 of whats on the tape (1.4 megs)

If I can figure out a way to tape these without ghetto-rigging something up, I will, and hopefully that'll up the quality.

Beacon: 09.24.2003
Well Gurdieff lived in Paris from 1922 till his death in 1949. as the narrator tells a story of meeting him as a child we
can assume she is between 50 and 80 years of age.

Joe23: 09.26.2003
I didnt know she would be offended by my comment about her accent.I just thought it was odd,might have been the quality of
the recording that affected it.Anyways,her Gurdjieff story is interesting,she speaks of meeting him personally,thats nice and well
but I'm skeptical as with anything that comes through the net to me.Heck she even says Gurdjieff tried to kiss her.

I don't see any postage or postmarks on the envelope. Was it hand-delivered?

- hance - yes, I often get stuff courier'd or ups'd or fedex'd here. This one was courier.
Some frog 07.13.2010
Hello, I am french and for a pretended parisian native,she speaks with a curious foreign accent (anglo-saxon, russe maybe).
Otherwise, she made mistake by saying "nous sommes t-allés" correct is 'nous sommes z-allé' (in association with the s). 
A native french speaker wouldn't do such mistake.
She says she was raised in nunnery (googl translashun') and her both parents were closed to Gurdjieff. 
She was allowed to quit 'nunnery' on wednesday night to assist some conférences, but as she was late she couldn't 
find a place except behind the seat of Gurdjieff.
She says she was so tall and thin that she could just sit behind with her legs beneath the seat.
She says that Gurdjieff was very found of liqueurs suche as Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados. There were three glasses 
on the table for dinner after the meeting.
Once, to shaw her friend 'Jeannette' that she knew the philosophe well, the two girls went to the appartment and G. 
tried to kiss her but elle le repoussa, vexed, he ran in the room next door and came back with two handfull of 
'orientalis' candies.
She says as well that she often went to meet the magus in his castle 'le prieuré' in Fontainebleau.

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