Delivery to my PO box ~ Sept 6th.

Was delayed as mail got forwarded to my new locale.

Delivery contents:

stamps - postmarked Nogales MX
page 1 - colored paper, message
page 2 - a large wide-format color photograph
page 3 - color illustration of a boat
page 4 - "neutron initiated fission chain reaction"

hance - 10.24.2005 - "neutron initiated fission chain reaction" looks like it was taken from here:
Juls 10.25.2005
Re. coloured paper - German reads 'every beginning is heavy'; 6th September,1620 - The Mayflower finally left Plymouth,
England after various difficulties.

Beacon 10.29.2005
RE: page 2 I assume it refers to St Augustine. The main opponent to ***Pelagianism*** was St. Augustine of Hippo (who also
combated the Donatists).  Augustine wrote at least thirteen works and letters against Pelagius, and firmly entrenched in Catholic
theology the doctrines of: 

Salvation through Grace 
Original Sin 
The necessity of baptism for salvation 
The damnation of unbaptized infants 

The University of Mexico was founded by Augustinians.
LUTHER was an Augustinian.
His feast day is August 28 - jest before this message was received.

"Every beginning is heavy" may also refer to the source of the free neutrons in the Uranium chain reaction - "heavy" water. Older
reactions depende on non enriched Uranium i.e. the percentage of U235 was lower and U238 higher. Enriched reactions use normal
water but have about five to seven times the level of U235.

Hieronymus 10.29.2005
"Aller Anfang ist schwer" means "Every start/beginning is difficult."

Craig 10.29.2005
	"Aller Anfang is schwer" also means "Every beginning is difficult", although here I think it can also refer to the question
of nuclear fission where a heavy nucleus is split into smaller nuclei.

"Hear the other side" (Audi alteram partem) is the legal principle that the condemned should be allowed respond to his accusers. 
Per Wikipedia, "It was recently used by the International Court of Justice in the Nuclear Tests case, referring to the concern of
France's non-appearance at judgment (Nuclear Tests, 1974 I.C.J. 265.)"

As a matter of opinion, the wall with the quote and the little stub wall below it appear to be pasted in.

sjwk 10.31.2005
Just speculating based on the 1620 date - is the boat illustration meant to be the Mayflower under construction?

leakingpen 11.02.2005
sorry ive been away.  ive seen the illustration of the boat before.  i remember it because it seemed odd, the context it was
used in.  its supposed to be the building of noahs ark, and it always bugged me. becuase of the second boat.  

Juls 11.05.2005
Re. the latest mail, 10/31/05 - I'm not sure where they got the idea that I might think that they were liberals - crumbs,
that's the LAST category I would EVER have put them in. Actually, I don't think I've ever said very much on the matter of what or
who I think they are, and that deliberately - up until recently, I intended to reserve judgement and try to concentrate more on
deciphering what they appeared to be *doing*. I didn't have them down as NeoCons either.  As it happens, I can't remember if I
posted anything on this yet - maybe I didn't, but I was heading towards something much more obvious - some combination of
Protestant Christianity and Communism / Anarchy. I noticed a couple of references to the Black Flag in the announcements - one I
posted on, one I didn't - the Black Flag being a favoured emblem of Anarchists.  I also read some stuff quite recently on
'Christian Anarchism' and something where someone claimed that Kierkegaard was, to intents and purposes, a 'Christian Anarchist.' 
I'll have to try and find that again, I never bookmarked it.  At an earlier point I would have veered toward them being Communists
but now I favour Anarchists more.  The Diggers - yeah, that hadn't passed me by - it was sitting on the back burner.  The Fifth
Monarchists I would need to remind myself about - I wrote a paper on early modern rebellions but that was five years ago now, and I
had to cover the whole of Europe so there wasn't much time to go into any depth.  Any contributers wanting a broad overview of
dissenting groups during the civil war period in England - and there was quite a few of them - could probably do worse than read
'The World Turned Upside Down' by Christopher Hill - it's pretty old (1975) but it's still reasonably useful if somewhat biased
toward a Marxist viewpoint - I can't think of anything better off the top of my head right now.  Anyway, the Diggers were cool.  I
guess I ought to go dig out my notes and post some stuff though I think we've already got a bit posted somewhere, or maybe that was
the Levellers.  I guess the thing that has most worried me in all this was the Communist references.  I kinda find it hard to
separate Communism from images of the Terror Famine in the Ukraine, and the killing fields of Cambodia - an emotional response I
know, but millions upon millions of people have been slaughtered by Communism, mostly for the sake of little more than establishing
and preserving Communism.  Then there was that German article that was sent way back about the Weathermen, here:

I translated it, but I didn't post the translation cos it was a bit on the long side.  Then I went and dug a bit into what it was
all about, when I got to the part where those who wanted to blame all the world's ills on white folk got the upper hand and I
looked at how political correctness and all that poison has taken a hold over here and over there and I did wonder what I was
looking at.  But then again there was Cromwell and Luther and quotes from Bunyan (who I always liked) all over the place here, and
I couldn't quite see people like the aforesaid holding up people like the latter.  Well, whatever, I just wanted them to know that
I never thought that they were poncey liberals.

Pax tibi

Juls 11.05.2005
Leakingpen - interesting on the piccie, could be pointing to a comparison between Noah's Ark and the Mayflower.  There was
another ship that was supposed to accompany the Mayflower, it was smaller and called the Speedwell - after the little blue flower,
I presume, cos it wasn't speeding anywhere very well - it sprung a leak and they all had to turn back.  That was where I plumped
down on the side of 'heavy' rather than 'difficult' with the quote - cos I reckoned they must have been a bit on the heavy side
after the Mayflower took on the Speedwell's passengers, or as many as it could carry.

Re. Fifth Monarchists et al - this may help give a brief intro:

yumyum 11.20.2005
I don't think it is Noah's Ark.  I believe it is a picture from colonial times somewhere in the Western Hemisphere.  No idea
where but the big house in the background looks colonial rather than somebody's idea of ante-diluvian.

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