Delivery to my PO Box ~09.02.2009 (posted ~15 dayslate)

Delivery contents:
dollar inside
newspaper snippet, front
newspaper snippet, back

Charles E 07/14/2010
I will translate the front of the newspaper clipping (the back is unremarkable).

This is an economic graph from a Japanese newspaper. The headline reads, "Production and Exports 
Recovering but Revenue Still Alarming."
The graph shows two indexes, from the year 2000 through 2009, the year 2005 is used as 100 on the 
graph. The black line is labeled "industrial production index." The grey line is labeled "true 
(adjusted?) export index."

This is obviously a comparison between industrial output and exports. When the US economy hit 
the Great Recession in 2007, demand for Japanese exports crashed. This chart shows some initial 
recovery in Japanese exports and production.

This also might give some hint to the marked US Dollar in this mailing. The "A" is inside a 
square, with the minus sign in front of it. This might be an "A Minus" rating on the dollar. 
I note the dollar is a "2006 Series" issue. This could be a coincidence, or a subtle comment 
on the dollar's value just before the 2007 Recession.	

Ralf 07/16/2010
I'm not especially fluent in Japanese, but since I'm learning it since 6 years now, I hope this still helps:

Uploaded it there, because I'm not sure about Unicode support here.

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