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I couldn't resist

Beacon 09.15.2006
No photo taken of it "inside out". 
"Yarn isnt the only form of strings" may refer to the recurrent theme of high energy physics - string theory.
They do exhibit symmetry. rotational and plane.

Steve B 09.18.2006
Hi Bryan: Is this just a pun based on string theory? 10 dimension representing the layers of the hat, E8xE8 Heterotic
superstring theory that may explain dark matter are the 8-ribs inside the hat, and D-Brane - From Wikipedia "Therefore, a
consistent string theory must include places into which energy can flow once it leaves a string; these objects are termed
D-branes."  So, the 10 diensions of space  (the 10 layers of the hat) in the string theory is covering "the brain" or D-brane. 


porkbelly 12.04.2006
Just looked at the rosicrucian stuff and I don't think it fits the freaks.  Maybe Laffoley is a freak maybe and maybe
not but the many diagrams the webguy put in the linky don't remind me of the ads.  The ads are more stark and in your face
than the rosy people.  That ros crap seems chic-chic from like 400 years ago.

El Senhor K
Maybe is just a simbolic representation of Lutherīs Rose?
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Charles : 04.05.2007
Comments: The letter is on stationery with the Japanese word "taishoya" printed at the bottom. This logo and writing matches the
company on the website www.taishoya.com and it appears to be a hot springs resort with a historical theme. Note that Taisho refers
to the Japanese historical period of 1912 through 1926. So "taisho-ya" means something like "the Taisho place" where you'd go to
experience the Taisho era.
tsal 04.04.2007
The first photo of the beret reminds me of the flower of life.
astudent 07.08.2021
I wonder if the real point of the "hat" was to convey the idea of "what appears to be separate on the surface isn't in reality".