Delivery to my PO Box ~08.23.2009

Delivery contents:
A mailing envelope, postmarked from Las Vegas, with a cryptic return address. Envelope contained 1 CD labeled "Brotherhood - Meditation for the melancholy", and containing 1 music track. CDDB ID's the track as either "Pocket queens/single/english" or "The fantastics/something old, something new/english".

I ripped the track into the MP3 format below, as the full WAV would have been a 30meg upload.

Envelope w/ exposed return address
CD front
track from the CD (mp3)

Beacon 08.24.2009
return address mathematical symbols but some dingbats or windings as well

sjwk 08.25.2009
	The return address is, as usual, the same as the delivery address but 
	swapping characters, whether just a different font or whether that's a 
	key to decoding something else I don't know..  but either way, the 
	circle with a dot in first and 4th lines is 'E', two vertical bars at 
	the start of lines 2 and 3 is 'P' and so on.

Brad G 08.27.2009
I am resonably sure that the mathmatical symbols on the front of the envelope 
is Mr. Hance's address.  It's the same address as the one listed in the "To" 
portion of the envelop, only in mathematical symbol form.  It's a simple 
substitution cypher (one symbol=1 letter or number).  It's a little hard to 
tell because some of the symbols merge into each other.

The fact that the symbols are mathematical symbols is backed up by the fact 
that the From address is written on three quadrant log paper (college 
graphing paper).

MR B D Hance
P 0 BOX 14681
ORE   87293 ?

bhance below is via freaks 218 which was submitted via this page
	Name: U Bud

	Email: the universe exists nowhere but in the mind

	Yo Bro!  Good try Bro but de muzik ain needer a dem U listd.  Id sum kinda good.  Try again.  
	No pocket queens and not "something old something new"--but dat sekund 1 be closer.  U like id when U find id.

The font used on the return address is Euclid Extra, one of the MathType fonts. You can download them here:

I also meant to mention that Brad G's cyphering is correct, with the exception of capitalization. They had 
your zip code wrong, a mistake repeated on the 10/1 and 10/2 deliveries but not on the 8/24 return address.
A curious observer 02/10/2014
Comments: I got an earworm from that piece:

The musical piece on the MP3, is the piece written by Edward Flower. The piece's title is: "The Cherry Tree Carol"

"The Cherry Tree Carol" is also the title for the ballad, sung as far back as the 15th century on a latin rite named: "The Feast of Corpus Christi"

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