Letter contents: Letter sent to my PO box, ~07.11.2007, arrived very late, around 08.20.2007.


Brian 02.12.2008
I've got some info on the picture. the 12 letters around the text represents the
clock through gematria. The text either side of the line is Hebrew Aramaic. The left side is
regular script, but not the right side. I found that style here


go down to the different scripts and look at Rashi's.

Under close examination some parts of the two texts are identical, and other times they
differ. Rashi or Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was extremely influential in the formation of the
Talmud and his Torah commentary, which is what this might be, is revered by all who study
Torah. I would suggest taking this to someone who know the Talmud well.

CORRECTION: 05.22.2008
Comments: Sorry i lied rashi is Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki

Free Agent 05.18.2008
 Postmarked in Nogales, Sonora which is only about a 50 minute drive
from Tucson and a very easy trip to make to have lunch and drop something in the
mail to Bryan.  Many locals (myself included) travel there regularly.	

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