Delivery to my office somewhere in the first half of August.

Was delayed as mail got forwarded to my new locale

Delivery contents:


Juls 08.26.2005
Vae Victis (red sheet) - "woe to the vanquished" - quote from Livy (History of Rome, 5.48) - 
The Gauls hold Rome under siege but a ransom is agreed: "A conference took place between Q. Sulpicius, 
the consular tribune, and Brennus, the Gaulish chieftain, and an agreement was arrived at by which 1000 
lbs. of gold was fixed as the ransom of a people destined ere long to rule the world. This humiliation 
was great enough as it was, but it was aggravated by the despicable meanness of the Gauls, who produced 
unjust weights, and when the tribune protested, the insolent Gaul threw his sword into the scale, with 
an exclamation intolerable to Roman ears, "Woe to the vanquished!"

Graph - same graph appears on this page:

It is from a research report on the development of pyroprocessing technology dating back to 1995-6 - the research overall is to do with recycling and reprocessing of uranium and plutonium in nuclear power generation. This is from the "Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry" in Japan. (note - Japanese link in the last delivery also)

Also - there is a pic on the page, below the graph, showing three cathode deposits - it seems possible that one of these, or something similar, surrounded by some kind of wrappping, may be the amorphous 'lump' in the other pic that was sent - but I'm guessing, it's hard to say - the term 'lump' is rather apt.

Matthew G. 08.28.2005
I found the pic's origonal context:
its a uranium recovery method that has to do with weird molten salt chemistry . . . weird stuff

Juls 08.28.2005
Hi Bryan - Re. the most recent email signed "The Oath Giver" - at the bottom of the MayDay (April 30th) 2004 page, is
written 'The Orphanage directly instructs MATTHIAS: "Honor The Oath"'- so possibly "The Oath Giver" is intended to be the one using
the name 'Matthias Flacius (Illyricus)'.  At any rate, from the phraseology, it certainly does seem to 'sound' like them. 


Further to the Livy - Brennus quote.  I was kinda idly browsing through some of the past deliveries when I came across the
"contents" pic from 3/4/02.  In that pic is a red page / card - same shade as the one here, could be same paper - which says: "Part
I of II, Part II = Brennus by way of Livy"
Page is here:

Must be some connection there with this, I guess.


Umm...  Bryan, remember the white chocolate melty thing you got back in March 2002, turned out to be a chocolate brain
novelty... :-s  Well, that pic looks an awful lot like the 'lump' pic here - I mean, right down to the same creases in the wrapping
- only difference seems to be the ribbon is missing. Now, that is a bit weird.
This is the one I mean, here:


"Vae Victus" - again, same March 2002 delivery:

Although, there they had "Vae victus" and here it is "Vae victis".


"lump" - I was trying to figure out what on Earth they would be wanting to send a copy of the pic of that melted chocolate
novelty thingie for, and the most sensible reason I can come up with so far is that maybe it was a reference to something getting
damaged during transit.  If that is the case, that might link up to the last delivery 7/20/2005, with the stuff from MOL logistics.
Now,  reading through the items under those subheadings on the Cargo Weekly Digest page I saw that item #2 referred to accidental
leakage, and a number of the items discuss the transport of dangerous materials.  The Japanese connection could link that delivery
with this one - with the page discussing Japanese research and nuclear materials that the graph was taken from.  Pulling all that
together - might lead to the suggestion of some reference to insecurity in the transport of nuclear materials.  Maybe.  It's kinda
late here and I'm just pottering about before I head off to bed, but it seems to make some sort of sense.  What conclusions we
could draw from all that if it's right, I don't know.

Bob 09.07.2005
Re: Jules' comment on the Oath Giver message, the way I read, the author of the message seems more likely to be the one who
gave Matthias the oath, which he later calls on him to honor.

Wilbur S. 09.07.2005

I'm sure you've seen it, but here is the Author of the Poem referenced.

Interesting to note his "orphaned" background.

Juls 09.22.2005
Re. the 'lump' - further to my previous post concerning this - the pic here is indeed a copy of your pic on the March 2002
delivery page.  I couldn't see the ribbon before but that was just down to either the darkness of the image or maybe just my crappy
monitor, but it is there - scrutinising it further I could just make it out.  So - the 'lump' IS a copy of your pic of the melted
chocolate brain-shaped novelty.  The word 'bizarre' seems barely adequate.  Still, I wouldn't like to think that this signifies
that they've taken some kind of revenge on the folks that delivered it...

	Just a note re Bob's clue - I did check this out before posting and, as I understood it, in legal terms it
appears that an 'Oath Giver' is one who makes the oath, the other person 'administers' it or 'receives' it.

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