Delivery to my office somewhere around the week of June 21, 2005. I left shortly thereafter and moved across country, so I a) didn't have a computer and b) can't remember the exact date

Delivery contents:


Juls 08.25.2005

clue: The snippet - text is Japanese and is from here - the Cargo Weekly Digest (Vol.25) of MOL Logistics (JAPAN) Co. Ltd. :

The bullet items are the first 7 subheadings on that page. Google translates them thus:
* The PARIS - concerning the air traffic controller strike of the ^V^^^^^^^h^S^[^^ airport
* The Japanese freight aviation - concerning the trust stop of the metal make single container (3 A 1)
* Northwest aviation - freight trust stop (the Embargo) concerning
* Cathay Pacific aviation
- Concerning the transport of the battery and the battery built-in equipment
* The Vietnamese aviation - dangerous item freight trust reopening
* The Ministry of Trade and Industry communication
- Concerning the flexible regulation for the personal computer which loads the cryptographic program
* Taiwan - for Japan " life eel " liveliness .. the Gaoxing & Taiwan departure space, to tight...

Or more likely, the subheadings have been taken from the contents page, here:

The main heading on the snippet - this appears down at the bottom right of every page in bold. Google doesn't seem to want to translate it, I'm guessing that maybe it's a company logo or something. Translated page here: [link]

snippet - top left line - this is, as I thought, just the company logo and says "MOL Logistics (JAPAN) Co., Ltd."

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