Delivery to my office somewhere around the week of June 21, 2005. I left shortly thereafter and moved across country, so I a) didn't have a computer and b) can't remember the exact date

Delivery contents:

braided yarn (image missing)

Juls 08.27.2005
clue:  The smallest - 38 whose square is 1444.  That's probably not quite what they're driving at though. :)

cynic2 09.25.2005
Does 462 appear in street addresses from old issues?  We know for sure that they use all of this stuff no matter how old or
how many decades ago.  They could even have buried something in a field that had a house on it at one time that was torn down but
the original address was 462 Wilson Street or whatever.  I made that up but it makes the point--I don't think numerology or even
mathematical cryptology is always at stake here.  They shift from lens to lens.  These are very resourceful people love 'em or hate
'em they have many devices.

emux 09/28/2005
the back says "christ goes to heaven day", in german, this is a common protestant holiday

Anonymous Coward 10.17.2005
The text on the back of the envelope is in Swedish and reads "Ascension Day, 2005", although the spelling is archaic (you'd
be hard pressed to find anything published in the last century that doesn't use "_K_risti"). Machine translation or deeper meaning?

Hieronymus 10.29.2005
	 I think you should get an image of that braided yarn up for us to see. Freaks 182 seems to place quite a high importance on

hance It's lost among all the stuff I had to pack when moving. I'll look for it.
Juls 10.31.2005
To Cynic2 - haven't found any 462 yet but this one sprung to mind re 38

... not sure what to make of all that but they did say 'seek the first', so one interpretation could be to look for 38s. :)

Don 05.31.09
Hi Bryan,
I believe that there is a hidden message in this letter is relatively simple.  
The last word in this letter is capitalized for emphases FIRST. Which I believe is refereeing to the first thing within the letter which is the number 4. 
So, removing the spaces and then counting every forth letter.  I came up with the breakdown of tedltbhsrdtis2234heveesnahgssleoongesednryokonlr.  

Which appears to break down in Czech as: ted ltbh srd tis 4234 he ve esn ahg s sleo o nge sedn ryo konlr 

and translate in Google’s translator as: Now ltbh SRD thousand in 4234 he specify AHG with sleo the NGE sit Ryo konlr.

BTW: Where is the photo of the braided yarn?

bdh: am working on the yarn, sorry
Don 11.2009

 Got bored while waiting for the next up date and started playing with this again. 
 I deleted a few things (obviously don't quite have the right formula to figure this 
 out entirely). But the following came out of ye olde Google 
 translator:"Now thousands of hearts with exactly the sit ryo KONL r." After removing ltbh, tis, 4234, he, ahg, sleo, & nge.


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